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22 Women Share Their Hijab Struggles & Why Sometimes It All Feels So Hard
Jan 6, 2022
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
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Image source: Keira Burton from Pexels
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
Hijab struggles. For those of us who wear hijab, we've all had them from time to time. Struggles with finding the right style, or how to wear it in a way that makes us feel good, or when we're not feeling it, or being targeted because we are visibly Muslim or even just getting tired of all the talk around hijab and on and on.
Sometimes the elephant in the room is not expressing what we find hard with something we wish was effortless and always meaningful. But there is power in sharing our struggles. It helps us at Haute Hijab think about what we can do to better support you in the physical wearing of hijab as well as the better strengthen our mental and spiritual foundations.
(Just by compiling this list, we've noted down several ideas for future articles and things we want to do to help you with these struggles.)
We asked you: What are your hijab struggles? What is something you want to get off your chest? Here is what you had to say.
1. It's hard to find a spouse who accepts hijab. They'd prefer I don't wear it.
2. I don't feel attractive in hijab. I miss feeling pretty.
3. Why my husband can't accept where I am in my journey – like I'm not perfect, but I'm doing it.
4. The struggle to look good AND be modest.
5. I feel people judge my background negatively before they get to know the real me.
6. Because I wear hijab, people hold me to a different standard. I get judged.
7. The hair loss is quite hard to deal with; it can often cause me to be worried for weeks on end. (Here is a great article on hair care for hijab-wearing women that addresses hair loss. This article addresses hair care for women with natural hair texture.)
8. Is showing a little bit of the hairline ok? Because it's more comfortable that way.
9. My husband keeps pressuring me to take off my hijab.
10. Watching so many remove it makes it hard to push through. (Here's an article that discusses that and what we should say or not say to our sisters in Islam who remove their hijab.)
11. Sometimes it makes me feel isolated (when I'm the only hijabi) and self conscious.
12. Hijab ruins my curls Sometimes I wish I didn't have to wear it.
13. It really bugs me when people tell me my hair is showing, especially people I don't know well and men.
14. It's so hard to find clothes that cover the chest area adequately and fashionably.
15. Was forced to start wearing it because of [my] dad. Have adapted to it now, but I wish I wore it when I was ready.
16. Still wondering if I didn't get the job offer because I was wearing hijab.
17. I've been turned down for marriage multiple times simply because I am a hijabi.
18. Representing Islam with hijab, [I feel like] I always have to smile in public.
19. There are not enough hijabi role models in corporate America.
20. Anxiety as a hijabi woman of color in the gritty city. But it's me and God against the world; He's got me.
21. I feel like I have to prove my intelligence to people because they assume I'm uneducated.
22. Kind of tired of constantly talking about it. I have other things going on in my life besides hijab.
What are your struggles, and how can we help you with it? Share with us in the comments below.
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