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21 Women Get Real on Why They Wear Hijab (And Why It Takes Constant Intention)
Dec 10, 2021
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
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Image source: Nada Hanifah on Unsplash
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
Editor's note: It's time for our annual #LikeYouMeanItHH year-end reflection time! What does it mean to "wear it like you mean it?" We invite you (and ourselves) to renew our intentions and reflect on what our hijab (and faith and other areas of our lives) mean to us. Throughout the month we are sharing stories of what this means to women around the U.S.
Why do you wear hijab?
We asked this seemingly simple question in our Haute Hijab Instagram stories because we are truly curious about what motivates you to do this? For those of us who wear hijab, the how and why we decided to do so can vary so much from girl to girl, woman to woman. And why we continue to do so (or why some of us decide not to continue wearing hijab) is also so very personal.
In our communities, we know that Muslims aren’t a monolith. The same goes for our intentions around hijab, and that’s worth exploring. As we share stories throughout December on all aspects of intention, motivation and emotions behind why we wear hijab (and why do we do whatever it is we do or believe in our faith journey and other aspects of our lives), we hope it helps you reconnect with your hijab, your faith and your life.
So, why do we wear hijab? This is what you had to say:
1. If I did every other thing wrong, hijab is my one way to tell Allah (S) that I love him.
2. For Allah (S),but I know I’m not wearing it exactly the way I should, so sometimes I struggle.
3. I need the daily reminder [that] this life is temporary and so much more than all these distractions.
4. So cute Muslim guys can say Salam to me!
5. Just the fact that it took me a minute [to think about my “why”] makes me see how I truly need this reminder.
6. I’m an attractive woman with highly feminine energy. Hijab protects me from expectations of both sexes.
Image source: Pixabay
7. [It] started as something I thought I was *supposed* to do but am struggling with it everyday now.
8.There’s always wisdom behind my Creator’s rules & He knows what I need and what gives me peace.
9. I don’t know anymore.
10. It’s the tie that keeps me bonded to my deen even when I fall off in faith.
11. It empowers me to know that I stand for something great.
12. Because I’m too lazy to do my hair every day ;)
13. Hijab is my strength and armor.
14. I feel protected.
15. Modesty and for God.
16. I find peace in wearing my identity on my head.
17. When my iman is low, it’s my reminder that I belong to Islam.
18. It might sound cliche, but seriously I feel complete with it.
19. I love to wear my HH hijabs and it invites others to learn more about Islam from me.
20. I’m more than my outward appearance and not everyone is entitled to see me at my finest.
21. As a convert, wearing hijab helps me outwardly show my value on modesty/self respect.
Share your thoughts on why you wear hijab (or not) in the comments below #LikeYouMeanItHH.
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