15 Virtual Ramadan Programs and Video Series You Don't Want to Miss!
Mar 14, 2023
From left to right: Dr. Marwa Assar, Sh. Omar Suleiman and Ustadha Iffet Rafeeq
As we draw closer to Ramadan, many of us are figuring out how we want to elevate our worship and laying out our Ramadan goals for ibadah (worship) and how we want to grow closer to Allah (S) and learn more about our deen (faith). There are so many great virtual programs we can avail that it can be kind of overwhelming.
So, we asked all of you what your favorite Ramadan virtual programs are, and you clearly had some favorites! Here are 15 Ustadhs and Ustadhas, videos series and virtual programs you recommend we incorporate into our Ramadan worship.
1. Sh. Omar Suleiman/Yaqeen's Ramadan series: By overwhelming majority, Sh Omar Suleiman's annual Ramadan series through the Yaqeen Institute was a crowd favorite. For several years now, the Yaqeen team has produced bite-sized (about 10 minutes or less) daily videos throughout Ramadan on various themes. Last year's theme was "Judgment Day: Deeds That Light The Way" and this year the series is "Jannah: Home At Last."
2. Mufti Menk Ramadan series: Mufti Menk's annual Ramadan series was also recommended by several of you. Last year the theme was "Reconnecting with Revelations" Although we haven't seen what his Ramadan series will be this year, it's sure to be beneficial! Check back to his YouTube channel to find out.
3. Sunnahfollowers.net: - This website was enthusiastically recommended by one of you as a great place to learn about Islam based on Quran and hadiths via zoom. There are several lecture series and classes to choose from (and a program for kids) depending on what you want to learn.
4. Seekersguidance channel on YouTube: This channel has a plethora of video series on different surahs of the Quran, tafsir lessons, numerous live programs (like a recent one on the 99 names of Allah (S) and more.
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5. Quran recitation and translation on YouTube: pick whatever reciter you love; there are numerous reciters, male and female, who will recite a juz for you to following along and read with daily in Ramadan.
6. Qalam podcasts: The Qalam Institute has a robust selection of podcasts for you to listen to while you go about your day, as you drive in the car or whenever fits into your schedule. They have an ongoing podcast happening right now on Surah Yusuf, weekly halaqas and special Ramadan podcasts to come.
7. HH halaqas: Yes, we also offer halaqas in Ramadan through our Instagram page with so many dynamic Muslim women on various topics! We're in the process of finalizing our halaqas for Ramadan 2023. In the meantime, please check out Ramadan halaqas from past years on our YouTube channel!
8. Makkah live on Youtube: Makkah live on YouTube is just that – a live feed of the Haram (or Grand Mosque) as people make tawaf, pray salah and break fast there in Ramadan (or any time of the year).
9. Yasmin Mogahed's reflections: While Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed doesn't always produce specific Ramadan video series, she has numerous lectures and articles available online as well as beautiful videos on a variety of deen topics that uplift the soul and help us learn so much.
10. The Blue Lantern Institue with Iffet Rafeeq: Ustadha Iffet Rafeeq provides programming through UK-based Blue Lantern Institute with her husband, Ustadh Hammad. Once you become a paid member, you gain access to numerous videos, lecture series and programming that span the gamut of faith-inspired teachings.
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11. Mustafa Hosney's "Katerat al Fajr" videos: One of you sung the praises of Br. Mustafa Hosney's short videos that he releases at Fajr time (GST) as a beautiful way to begin one's day with some knowledge and the best of intentions.
12. A. Helwa's YouTube channel: Author A. Helwa (who was featured heavily in our Market Manager Noor Suleiman's Ramadan series last year focused on some of the names of Allah (S)) has a wonderful YouTube channel with so many great videos to help bring more God-consciousness into your life.
13. Dr. Marwa Assar: Dr. Marwa Assar is a psychospiritual teacher and writer "dedicated to providing spiritual, mental and emotional empowerment through psycho-spiritual education that is rooted in Islamic teachings." She is the founder of the Heart Over Mind & Ego (H.O.M.E) Method to psycho-spiritual education and counseling, and she hosts weekly halaqas year-round and in Ramadan at NYU, which you can find here and here.
14. Noor Kids Ramadan Camp: Noor Kids, which offers Islamic programming, lectures, fun and games for children of all ages (through high school), has a special Ramadan Camp that many families have grown to love. You can register for the 2023 camp here and see how things were organized in last year's camp here.
15. Zam Zam Academy: Masha'Allah, there are so many wonderful Islamic organizations offering an array of virtual programming! Zam Zam Academy, as recommended by one of you, has audio and video programs and lecture focused on aqidah, Quran, fiqh, history and spirituality.
What are you favorite videos, lectures and online programs to participate in or watch in Ramadan? Let us know in the comments below!
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