A Hijabi's Guide to Matching Your Hijab to Your Outfit
Melanie's Corner
Oct 15, 2019
Melanie Elturk
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One of the most basic yet important questions most hijab-wearing women face on a daily basis is how to match one's hijab to one's outfit. When do wear a print? When a solid? How do you make a cohesive look without overthinking things? It should be simple, but if you're anything like me, you have those days when your outfit is perfect... until you have to pick out a hijab. Hopefully these tips using photos from my instagram page will help next time you find yourself in a sticky hijab-situation.
1. Solid on Solid
This is an obvious fail-proof choice that looks good every time. Just make sure all the solid colors you're working with coordinate and you're golden. Pairing different shades from one color palette is a nice way to make solid-on-solid a little more interesting, like this buttercream viscose with a bright orange top and slightly muted orange trousers.
Another great way to works solids is an entirely monochromatic vibe from head to toe, one of my fave looks. Don’t be afraid to lean into one color all the way. The end result will be chic and sophisticated! (Not to mention it makes you look taller and slimmer ;)
2. Printed Hijab on a Solid Top
If you're looking for something to pair with your printed hijabs, one easy option is to wear your printed hijabs with solid tops. Here, I coordinated the colors in this beautiful hijab from our Heritage Silks Collection - The Modern - with a solid black turtleneck.
This is also a great way to use the colors of a printed hijab to play off a solid top, in this case a pale lavender sweater. Both the hijab and sweater work well with the glen plaid pants, which provide another interest point and incorporate a different pattern without overwhelming the look. Here, the accessories bring it all together.
3. Solid Hijab on a Printed Top
Another fail-proof option is pairing a printed top with a solid hijab. The detail and overall busyness of this bright floral top, which I wore inside this fun pink suit, made a solid red hijab a no-brainer. The hijab picked up the colors in the top creating a cohesive, polished look.
Here’s another way to pair a solid hijab on a print. This sweatshirt isn’t an all-over print but has enough of a geometric detail that a printed hijab may not be the best option. I paired the Dusty Mauve Chiffon to play off one of the colors of the stripes. Once you've found that money-color that looks beautiful on your skin tone - don't be afraid to reach for it over and over again. For my olive skin tone, it's these subtle beige tones that I wear a TON and always looks great.
4. Printed Hijab on a Printed Top
A while back I did an entire blog post solely on how to wear a printed hijab with a printed top and in it I detailed 3 basic rules to follow that will almost always do the trick and prevent you from looking like an explosion of prints. (Read the full post here). 1) Wear something solid to break up the prints; 2) Keep the prints in the same plane; and 3) Keep the colors in the same family. Our fashion writer, Rowayda, also recently wrote a great blog post with tips on how to wear prints on prints!
For this look, the chain-link pattern and colors of this print play off similar patterns and colors in my top, and the orange jacket with a chain necklace brings the whole look together! 
The print-on-print works in this look because the prints are broken-up by the white collared shirt; the colors are in the same family and the geometric shapes are also in the same plane. I love when fashion is effortless - you can throw anything on and it looks great - but when it comes to printed hijabs and printed outfits it takes a little bit more contemplation than that. Throwing on a leopard scarf and floral top just doesn't work. Ever.
Do you have any questions about how to match your hijab to your clothes? Any suggestions for future blog posts? E-mail us at blog@hautehijab.com and be sure to follow us on Instagram for more outfit inspiration!
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