Create Your Dream Closet: 10 Ways to Updgrade Your Closet by Saudah Saleem
Dec 16, 2013
My name is Saudah. I am the Owner and Principal Designer at Saudah Saleem Interiors. I absolutely adore Melanie’s sophisticated style and, like most of you, am a huge fan of Haute Hijab. Haute Hijab designs truly embody the essence of chic and eclectic design that inspires much of my work.   Originally from New York, my design style has always been greatly influenced by my love of culture, art, history and fashion.
As a result of my love for fashion, I owned tons of clothes but could never seem to find anything and had a really hard time keeping my accessories organized.  About two years ago, frustrated with my ever expanding shoe and clothing collection, I made the bold decision to convert a bedroom in my home into my dream closet/dressing room. Using my designer know-how, I was able to pull the space together with lots of DIY projects and thrift store shopping. I think it turned out pretty fabulous. What do you think?
I‘m thrilled that Melanie asked me to stop by and share some tips with you on how to create a dream closet of your own. Let’s face it. Converting a bedroom into a dream closet/dressing room is a pretty ambitious move. Not everyone has the space to make such a daring choice. Whether you choose to revamp your walk-in closet, an adjoining sitting room, a guest room or just a corner of your bedroom, the following tips will help transform any space into a fun, functional and personalized dressing area.
Tip #1: Purge, Sort and Assess
Be critical of what resides in your closet. The key to an organized closet is editing your wardrobe. If a garment doesn’t fit, and hasn’t in over a year, has holes and/or stains, it shouldn’t be in your closet. Once you’ve reduced the amount that you have, assess the space you’ll be working with and what you have to determine the type of shelving, racks or hooks you will need. Count how many shoes and boots you have to determine exactly how much shelving you will need. Count how many tops and bottoms you have to determine how many hangers are necessary.
Tip #2: Don’t Forget Who You Are
What I love about my dressing space is that it is layered with pieces that are unique to me. A key element of good design is that a room should always reflect your own personality. When one enters my closet/dressing room you instantly know that I am a woman who loves fashion, appreciates the details of classic furniture, and embraces bold/rich colors, with just a hint of modern sprinkled into the mix. When creating your own dream closet or dressing area, be sure to incorporate elements of what makes you unique. Personalize the area with framed photographs, or by painting the space or an area of the closet your favorite color. Your décor doesn’t have to be fashion related. Hang photos of whatever inspires or motivates you. Add style books, an inspiration board or a bulletin board to display magazine pictures of some of your favorite outfits.
Tip #3: Style the Space Like A Boutique
Adding a dress form helps create a “boutique” feel. Try using a vintage dress form to display and store statement necklaces or a favorite outfit.
Tip #4: Small Change, Big Impact
One of the easiest ways to give your closest a more uniform and orderly look is to invest in good hangers that look the same.   It sounds simple, but makes a huge impact. Buy all the same hangers. Outfit your closet with a matching set of slim hangers (plastic tubular ones take up more space and wire hangers get tangled) to give your closet a neat, uniform almost retail-space look. Having matching hangers is also less distracting and allows you to focus on the clothes and not the different colored and sized hangers in the closet.
Tip #5: A Full Length Mirror is Always a Must
A full length mirror allows you to see your entire outfit from head to toe and makes trying on clothes easy. If you’re short on space, try mounting a mirror to the back of your door.
Tip #6: Be Creative when Looking for Stylish Storage Solutions
Instead of using traditional containers and storage bins to hold accessories, think outside of the box. After lining the drawers of this nightstand with scrapbook paper, I used white ceramic pinch bowls (the kind chefs used to prepare ingredients) to display and store my favorite jewelry. Similar bowls can be found at Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond stores. The clean white bowls provide the perfect backdrop for the fresh pops of colorful jewelry all while keeping the accessories easy to locate. To avoid tangling, try installing hooks at varying heights to hang your necklaces from so that they are front, center and ready to wear.
Tip #7: Customize the Look
Use simple inexpensive bookcases (from stores like Ikea or Target) as open storage/ shelving to display your shoes and handbags. Don’t forget to stuff handbags so that they retain their shape!
Tip #8: Have a Seat
Incorporate a spot to lounge or to sit. An ottoman or chair is also perfect for putting on or taking off shoes. If space is limited, use a small stool or bench. I was able to find this velvet tufted beauty at a local thrift store!
Tip # 9: Color Coordinate
Products in stores are arranged in a pleasing way. Do the same in your own closet. Arrange clothes so you can see them all: by style, color, purpose. Organize your clothes from light to dark, putting all the same colors together. With everything arranged by type and color, you can easily find what you’re looking for and be inspired to create styles and combinations with the clothing you already have.
Tip # 10: Don’t Limit Yourself                 
Maybe you don’t have a whole room to devote to storing your clothes. You can still achieve a similar look by using a sturdy clothing rack to display just your special/ favorite pieces. You can call it your “carefully curated collection.”
I hope these tips inspire you to be better organized in your space and to surround yourself with what you truly love. If you like these tips and would like more décor ideas, visit my website to view my portfolio here:  You can also keep in touch with me on Facebook at, and on Instagram @saudahsaleeminteriors.
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