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10 Fun Ways To Use Our Modal Maxi Hijabs!
Jan 10, 2018
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
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Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
Our Modal Maxi Hijabs have dropped and they do not mess around! They are literally the *best* hijabs to wear in the winter because they keep you warm without compromising your style! Our Modals are made of the highest quality non-synthetic Rayon which means they don’t pill wash after wash! Only the best for our HH fam ;) They are maxi-sized, meaning they're wider than our usual hijabs, giving you more styling options, and they're a tighter weave than our Viscose, making them more durable and slightly thicker.
The Modal Maxi Hijab is a coveted classic; we release them once a year in brand new colors. Stock up, because once these 14 shades sell out, they’re gone for good! 
Here are 10 ways to use our Modal Maxi Hijabs that you probably never considered! ;) 
1. Hijab! These are seriously the best options for keeping the cold at bay. No wind in your ears, and plenty of material for layering up and double (or triple!) wrapping - if that's your thing! 
2. Neck Scarf. They'll keep you warm and make the perfect accent to any outfit. Use as neck scarves and shoulder capes on those warmer-but-still-kinda-chilly-days. 
3. Neck Pillow. Just fold in half, roll them up burrito style, and place behind your neck. Voila! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your movie. 
4. Throw Blanket for your pet or baby. Out somewhere and need a breathable blanket for your napping baby? Or chilling at home on a cold night with your pet? Just wrap them up in our modal and they will be super cozy!
5. Breastfeeding cover. They're large enough to cover without the risk of slipping or your baby peeking through, they're breathable, and they look pretty. What more do you need? 
6. Turban. Get creative; there's tons of material to work with! 
7. Window Drape. I'm hoping you have curtains, but if not, just throw a modal over the window! 
8. Baby swing. Babysitting your nephew, or need to keep your own child entertained? Use our modal as a hammock swing.*
9. Home Decor. Hang a few from the ceiling above your bed, drape on the wall as a tapestry, or throw over an accent chair for a cozy feel. 
10. Leg wrap. Sprained your ankle? Just bust out your modal hijab and wrap tightly around the hurt area.*
*Note: If this wasn't clear, much of this list is a joke. Please don't hang your baby in our scarves for safety reasons! ;)  
Shop the new collection below. With colors this gorgeous, I dare you to choose just one! 
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