TikTok BROUGHT IT with These 10 Relatable Muslim Videos of 2020
Dec 31, 2020
Mona Mostafa
staff writer
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One trend I never thought I’d hop on in 2020 was TikTok. Prior to the pandemic, I would hear about it, see videos and think to myself, I am WAY too old for that. Then, as quarantine began, and we all needed something to entertain us during those long home-bound days, I ended up giving it another shot and came across some hilarious content on what they call “Muslim TikTok.” It isn’t a separate app, but the algorithm within the app is likely to lead you to videos relating to Islam or Muslims in general, based on your liked content. Hence the name, “Muslim TikTok.”
The best part about it is that all the videos, which are either entertaining, inspirational or even educational, are no more than 60 seconds long, so they’re not that time-consuming. You can find videos on DIY projects, home renovation, humor, news, science, education and so much more.
But for the purpose of this 2020 roundup, I’m going to share the 10 most relatable Muslim TikToks (in no particular order) that brought us joy this year! These vidoes really resonated with us at HH! Let us know what TikToks you related to in the comments below!
The Funny

1. When the pandemic first started, you may remember President Trump telling everyone they didn’t need to wear masks, but that they could use scarves instead. This was a hilarious play on that by one of our very own #HHFam!

2. Being light-hearted with your partner is always fun, especially when you’re stuck inside together for months on end! This cracked me up because I could definitely relate to experiencing some of this. It was all in good fun when Omaya’s husband did a response video “acting like his wife for the day” as well.
3. We’ve all potentially experienced that moment when your food delivery is outside or the UPS/Amazon guy rings your doorbell, and you just can’t find any of your hijabs in time to open the door. If any of that rings a bell, you’re likely to enjoy this video! 😂
4. When Ramadan really puts you in the mindset to be grateful for everything you have.
5. We’ve all had to learn about COVID-19 as new research comes out, so you may be able to relate to this TikTok.
The Feel-Good TikToks (That Make You Want to Cry)
6. This man converted to Islam and asked his non-Muslim mom what her thoughts were on that day. You have to watch to the end!

The Inspirational

7. We could all use a little encouragement to give ourselves self-love, and who better to give us the advice than our very own Haute Hijab Ambassadors, the Aint Afraid Twins!

The Real
8. I could always rely on Farah to keep it real on TikTok and bring up conversations that many people within our community don’t feel comfortable talking about. I truly believe it’s what makes her as popular as she is on the platform.
9. Check out this one as well, also from Farah, with some real truths about rushing into a marriage.
10. Sara Sadok is one of my biggest inspirations on TikTok. She creates videos specifically to encourage those with eating disorders to be comfortable eating food. It’s so beautiful to see how so many have been inspired by her content, and are influenced to take a step forward in their recovery.

Although 2020 was a year many of us would like to put behind us ... looking back, I’m sure we can find a few moments that brought joy or solace during our most trying times. As the year comes to a close, I pray that each of you has a blessed and happy next few days with your families and that 2021 is a better year for all of us, Insha’Allah!
Oh and be sure to follow us on TikTok at @therealhautehijab! See you all in the new year, Insha'Allah!
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