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The Winter Edit - 5 Styles and Trends Dominating Hijab & Modestwear Fashion
Jan 11, 2022
Hakeemah Cummings
contributing writer
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Hakeemah Cummings
contributing writer
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been taking notes on what the new trends are for winter 2022 in modest fashion, and I noticed three thematic elements that stylish modest fashionistas are playing with this season – cozy textures, trippy proportions and Y2K aesthetics. Throughout the five styles I’ll take you through in this winter edit, notice how each ties in these thematic elements and plays to various elements of the winter season in their own unique ways.
Just because it’s cold outside (or maybe it’s not, depending on where you live), doesn’t mean we can’t explore the latest trends and colors in hijab fashion and modestwear!
1. Balaclavas
From L-R, clockwise: @blackmaroccan, @indoanisa, @laria.j and @kingkhadija
Balaclavas (a tight knitted head covering/hat or a ski mask) are definitely on-trend for hijabis in Winter 2022, keeping our hair covered and our head warm! I remember when people used to joke about the possibility of a knitted hijab, and I guess that joke didn’t age well because these sisters look super cute and cozy in their balaclavas. But the trend is also pulling a bit of controversy, as pointed out by Hanan Qasem (@hypegirlhealth).
These knit pull-ons seem to be perfectly acceptable for non-hijabi or non-Muslims to wear, but when used as a hijab, of course, things get a bit more complicated, amirite? Well, Islamophobia aside, we can always leave it to hijabis to wear exactly what we want and look beautiful in it as well. Want to try one out? Nea Wear just launched their own line of balaclavas! Plus, check out these influencers above and how they styled their balaclavas: @blackmaroccan, @indoanisa, @laria.j and @kingkhadija. Later this month we’ll specifically be exploring this trend in it’s own piece, so hit me up if you’ve got a balaclava look you want to share!
Not quite into balaclavas and still looking for a snug-fit pull on hijab? Try our sport collection hijabs for all-day comfort, beautiful style and no fuss.
2. Chunky Boots
From L-R, clockwise: @ahmba_, @itsjustnura, @rayyaansari and @samahsafi
Remember how I mentioned the themes of Y2K (circa late 90s) aesthetics as well as playing with proportions? The chunky boot trend does both so seamlessly, and I’m personally so excited for the collective health of our feet. Because with this trend, they will be warmer and more comfortable in Winter 2022! I have honestly longed for this Y2K trend to come back after spending several frigid winters in Chicago when boots were only pointed-toed, spikey-heeled, and offered virtually no padding between the freezing ground and my feet.
As soon as the cold Earth would touch my boots, my precious toes would freeze! The chunky boot trend may make your feet look bigger, but it keeps your feet a few inches away from the ground comfortably and looks great with winter outerwear. The play on proportions is super cool, and you can definitely find a style that suits you well – just let @ahmba_, @itsjustnura, @rayyaansari and @samahsafi show you how!
Loving Samah’s mint-green vibe? The HH sage hijab would be a great pick for this look.
3. Cozy Coordinated Sets
From L-R, clockwise: @aishaxahmada, @modestly.ahdi, @israa_ado, @niaamroun
This never-ending pandemic has us in a loungewear chokehold! And, we love it! Personally, I say let’s keep this trend year round – we want comfort that’s not at the expense of style. (Check out when our former fashion writer Rowayda Kawji wrote about co-ord sets in the earlier days of pandemic!) These coordinated sets make getting dressed in a cohesive outfit a no-brainer and are perfect for modest dressers. Whether it’s ribbed like @aishaxahmada, cable knit like @modestly.ahdi or a sweat suit like @israa_ado, these textured sets all beg to be cuddled in the cold weather.
Notice that @niaamroun is wearing her black set with chunky boots as well. I wonder why these themes are tied together so nicely!
If you’re loving texture these days, HH’s fine pleats hijabs are for you! Check them out in three beautiful colors here.
4. Oversized Scarves
From L-R, clockwise: @hijabioffthegrid, @zahee22, @nabilahkariem, @elif.dogan
Okay, so if I say Lenny Kravitz, do you already know why I’m saying that before you click this link? When Lenny’s extreme scarf went viral a couple years ago, I thought he was definitely on to something. These normal-sized scarves are doing nothing for our style ladies, and if we’re hijabis, we should know a thing or two about the value of a big scarf!
These blanket scarves are statement pieces. They’re practical, and they allow you to play with textures and proportions so easily. Notice that @zahee22 is cuddled into a supersized scarf and is also wearing chunky boots, adding tons of volume on top and bottom for a balanced look, while keeping her pants relatively sleek, as is @nabilahkariem. Buying a matching set of a scarf and warm hat, like @hijabioffthegrid, is a super cute look, while @elif.dogan complements her green, graphic print scarf with a splashy yellow hat.
And as an added bonus, HH's own Melanie also sports the oversized scarf look from time to time!
Did you know HH sells maxi-sized woven hijabs? Click here to find out one of the only colors left in the maxi size!
5. Retro Sunnies
From L-R, clockwise: @everything.sumii, @meelahxo, @sincerely_summar and @itsbeyzo
To all the ladies in the place with style and grace – this last one is for you. There’s something super classy about a colorful, statement pair of sunglasses in a retro shape that is actually very 2022. Fun sunglasses allow you to play with proportions as well by bringing new dimension to your face shape by adding a delicate cat-eye frame, bold rectangular frames, or throwback tiny circular frames in various sizes and colors.
If you imagine these all-white looks from @everything.sumii, @meelahxo, @sincerely_summar and @itsbeyzo without the sunnies, the looks would seem to be missing something that would make them pop as individuals. These bold sunglasses add personality and contrast is the sleekest way.
Some cute sunnies can be found at BooHoo, and shop HH’s jersey in Buttercream for a hijab that would go beautifully with any of these looks.
So, which of these styles would you like to explore for winter 2022? I would suggest a combination of any of these elements to create a personal style that works well for your flair and lifestyle.
If you rock any of them, let us know in the comments below!
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