Styled by the Sunset: How Sundown & Twilight Can Inspire Your Next Wedding Look
May 16, 2023
From L to R: Keleke Burgess, Aaliyah JM, Hanan Abdu
Imagine this – you’re invited to an evening wedding this spring or summer. Weather will be warm, sunny, maybe even breezy. As you arrive at the wedding or maybe during the outdoor cocktail hour, the sun is just beginning to set. The sky is lit with the most brilliant colors streaming across the sky – from a moody shade of romantic violet to the brightest mango orange. Every color around you starts to become more golden and even your skin itself sparkles more beautifully.
So my question to you is – what are you wearing? Here are five colorful wedding looks inspired by twilight and sunset colors that can inspire your next wedding ensemble!
1. Aaliyah JM ( A Pink & Gold Desi State of Mind
The electric colors typical for the South Asian mehndi wedding event always remind of brilliant sunsets – the kind that saturate the sky with every intense yellows, orange, hot pink and luminous gold. The outfits, the decor even the jovial mood of the dancing and singing – everything pops with color and culture. Let’s take color inspiration from Aaliyah's recent mehndi look, paired with a gold hijab.
You can recreate this by styling Haute Hijab’s Perfect Satin hijab in Gold
2. Keleke Burgess (@kelekeburgess) Prints That Mimic the Sunset Sky
Many people tend to stay away from prints for weddings, but I say – if it makes you feel as beautiful as Keleke felt in this look from Ri Mi, wear it, and wear it proudly! The color story seems to be directly hand-picked from a California evening sky. Paired with the HH Everyday Chiffon hijab in Fig, and sparkly accessories, this look is sure to be a hit for your next wedding guest invite.
3. Dania Badawi (@dania.badawi) – How The Waves Look at Sunset
When I saw this look on Dania this past Eid, I wanted to immediately add to cart! Colorful yet minimalist, elegant and modest – it was my whole personal wardrobe aesthetic in a single garment. How it flows over her shoulders is like a gentle wave on the beach! It’s usually at sundown that the color of the water becomes aquamarine and reflects those stunning hues of the sky. This dress is literally that moment and makes for a perfect wedding look. I would love to see this dress styled on bridesmaids, surrounding the blushing bride like the waves surrounding the beachfront.
Pair a dress like this with HH's Everyday Chiffon hijab in Pearl, and you are set for your wedding event.
4. Fatou Fall (@fatoufall) Twilight in Watercolor
I’m not sure if Fatou was heading to a wedding here, but she is definitely dressed for the part! Fatou is usually a pants girl, and I love her styling videos over on TikTok. But she decided to expand her range with this stunning watercolor dress, complete with bold earrings and pulled-back ponytail. I literally stopped in my tracks!
For those who want to wear color that’s not as intense as the colors I’ve already mentioned, this is a beautiful color palette, maybe more of a cloudy sundown, just after the rain. This elegant print that works so well as a wedding look, especially in this silky fabric and contemporary silhouette. The dress looks amazing on her, and I also love that it can easily be worn for hijab-wearing women as well with a mock turtleneck underneath to cover the neck or draping and tucking one's hijab properly for coverage.
I suggest wearing these colors with the HH Perfect Satin in Rose Taupe. Another iconic outfit, Fatou!
5. Hanan Abdu (@hananscorner) the Best Sunset Inspo
I would be remiss if I didn’t include this gorgeous sunset inspiration from Hanan. Didn’t I tell you in the beginning of this article that every color gets more golden and rich at this time of day? Even the shimmer of her ensemble shines that much more elegantly as the sun fades into the horizon. Hijab to heel, it’s a perfect style for your next wedding look – just pair an open abaya with a slip dress and match the shoes to the dress and the hijab to the abaya.
To elevate your look, be sure to choose fabrics that are visually interesting, like Hanan’s shimmer and texture tend to take outfits to the next level. Find a similar hijab to Hanan’s at HH, such as Ballet Slipper in Recycled Chiffon or Pale Rose in Everyday Chiffon.
I always take inspiration from the colors around me in nature, and this is your sign to do the same! If you get your color inspiration for your next wedding look from the natural colors of the waning of the daylight, let us know!
Comment below and remember to include HH in your wedding looks this season.
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