Style Maven Zainab Ashraf's Signature Fits Show that Green is a Fall Color Too!
Oct 10, 2022
Zainab Ashraf; image source: Instagram
We often stylistically approach autumn by storing away the bright colors in our wardrobe and replacing them with a darker color palette, often of burgundy, chocolate brown and burnt orange. These colors are inspired by the changing colors of the leaves in fall. But have you ever seen trees turn from emerald green in summer to that bright shade of yellowish-green during the fall?
Let’s not limit ourselves to dark colors just because the air has a bit of chill. Your brightest colors can be worn year-round and will still keep you warm! This brilliant shade of chartreuse demonstrated in nature below was a color I was particularly drawn to, especially as worn by TikToker and modest fashion influencer, Zainab Ashraf.
The brilliance of yellow-green trees in autumn.
Zainab first caught my eye with her consistently flawless series of Tiktok videos entitled “30 Days of Modest Spring Outfits,” and this particular one was a favorite of mine because of the color of her hijab! I pressed the follow button and have enjoyed her citron obsession since.
An important aside: I also love that even in summer and spring, her outfits often include suit separates, which is one of my tried-and-true modest wear tips: that women who want to dress modestly invest in some really great blazers. Why? They are stylish, can be carried in various fun colors and prints, and help to cover areas such as a cinched waistline, tight-fitting sleeves and curves around the hips and bottom.
Here are three of the times that Zainab wore a bright green color palette beautifully and modestly! Pay particular attention to her color-blocking, use of suit separates and how she pulls her outfits together with smart accessories. For cooler weather, imagine her looks with boots, loafers, or sneakers instead of sandals, and a fall-time fave – a longline coat such as a trench for warmth and interesting layering.
And in honor of October being a celebration of prints, check out what HH has to offer by way of gorgeous chiffon prints in this family of green, citron and chartreuse: Crown Glory, Queen of the Jungle and Celadon Bouquet!
Look 1: Monochrome
Zainab shows how pairing different shades of green make for a stunning fall look.
Adding dimension to a monochromatic look is as simple as wearing the different shades of the same color head to toe, just as Zainab did in this look. Her adorable purse almost camouflages with her blazer because it is such a great match, and her green hijab pairs with her skirt with perfection! This already looks like a fall-ready ensemble. But if it’s nippy out, try adding a knit under the blazer or a trench over the blazer for another jaw-dropping dimension to your look.
Look 2: Bold Contrast
Color blocking never looked so good with Zainab's jewel-toned blue pants and her green hijab and blazer.
You can pretty much color block any two colors together and make it look great, but I’m loving this sapphire blue with Zainab’s signature green hijab and blazer. I love that she wore wide leg pants for a super modest fit, and I’m imagining this same look with some blue joggers , a simple hoodie layered under the blazer and a pair of matchy-matchy sneakers for a cozy, cool-weather option.
Look 3: Soft Color Block
Green with lilac in the delicious autumn golden hour? Yes please!
Pastels exude a sense of calm, and maybe it's also the sunset and the posing, but for me this look is giving serene queen vibes! Pairing this lilac with a soft green hijab, matching body suit and bag was the perfect choice, proving once again that Zainab is ‘that girl’ when it comes to wearing green.
I would love to see this look translate to fall with some killer boots, a beret styled on top of the hijab and maybe a cute textured bag. Try wearing your pastel lilac- (or bolder purple) inspired fall outfit with a gorgeous HH in Matte Green in Jersey!
Are you convinced to wear your favorite shades of green this fall? Let us know how you styled your look and comment below as to which of Zainab’s is your favorite!
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