Our HH Ambassadors Keep It Cool With Modest Vacation Outfit Inspo for Your Next Trip
Jul 14, 2021
Mona Mostafa
staff writer
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It’s been well over a year since we all had legitimate normalcy in our lives. I’ve joked around with friends, telling them I forgot how to dress and how to interact with the outside world. But all jokes aside, thankfully, here in the states things are starting to return to normal, Alhamdullilah! More people are getting vaccinated and in turn are feeling confident enough to travel again. Along with traveling, the part I’m most looking forward to is having opportunities to dress up again, Insha’Allah!

We all could probably use a little reminder of how to integrate ourselves back into society, especially when it comes to vacation looks. Here’s some modest styling inspo for your next vacation using examples from none other than our very own Haute Hijab ambassadors!
Long-Sleeve Tunics with Wide-Leg Pants, Skinny Jeans or Leggings
This is my go-to look this season! It looks so chic and doesn’t require excessive layering. Hakeemah styled this beautifully for her sightseeing trip in Chicago. It’s also just an easier look to pull off with kids because you don’t have to worry about a longer maxi skirt or dress dragging on the floor while you chase after them or carry a million things.

For a similar Chiffon hijab like the one Hakeemah is wearing, check out our Everyday Chiffon in Chestnut.
Classic Maxi
Layering can be such a tedious process in the summer, especially because you’ll want to make sure each layer is light and airy. When I hit the beach or go out on a day that I know will be extremely hot, I forego the layers and go with the safest modest option for the heat – a long sleeve maxi dress! As long as it’s not all white and see-through, you likely won’t have to worry about wearing leggings or another shirt underneath for more coverage. And as long as it’s long-sleeved, there’s no need for a layering cardigan!

Amnah wore a gorgeous royal blue color on her latest trip to Morocco below (which is another thing I recommend, by the way!) The lighter the colors, the better! To find the perfect print for your maxi dress, check out our print collection!
If you have a printed maxi like this one, feel free to pair it with a matching solid hijab the way Dr. Rand does here. This current shade of pink is sold out, but for a similar shade, check out our Chiffon in Petal.

Light and Flowy
If you want to add more color, texture or pattern to your outfit, I suggest going for a light and airy chiffon top with a maxi skirt like Lauleh (below) and Dr. Fatima (above) do!
Dr. Fatima pairs this solid hijab and skirt with a floral chiffon top, giving the outfit a pop of color that stands out beautifully in photos, Masha’Allah! For a similar hijab color, check out our Recycled Chiffon in Rosewood.
Lauleh opted for a floral skirt instead and a bold top, making her stand out beautifully in any setting, Masha’Allah! To get an Everyday Chiffon in Ivory like Lauleh’s (one that goes with literally any outfit), shop here!
Bring on the Brights!
Speaking of bold and beautiful, what screams summer more than a little color? I LOVE this color blocking look by Hakeemah. She pairs one of our vibrant HH prints (Vibrant Dreams 😉) with a neon dress, and I am here for it! To find your vivacious print, shop here.

Stylish Lounge Wear
I think we all can agree that this pandemic put us in a very “lounge-oriented” mindset. I personally still wear leggings all day everyday, even if I’m going out to run an errand (with something long on top of course. Throughout this pandemic Sumaya killed it with all her loungewear looks, including this one! If you’re heading somewhere cooler, consider an oversized sweater with jeans or joggers like these!
Shop our Recycled Chiffon in Pearl here.
Pants for Days
I know not everyone loves skirts and dresses. But, is there really a modest summer option for girls who prefer pants?! Of course! Check out how Jaserah styled jeans with a long top! My tip for this would be to look up “shirt dresses” online! There are plenty of shorter dresses that double as an adorable modest top. It’s my favorite trick in the book! For warmer summer destinations, definitely make sure the dress is of a lighter material and check all the images if you’re purchasing online to make sure it isn’t see-through to avoid wearing more layers underneath.
Pro-tip: Look for a long-sleeve dress with a higher neckline and a closed back to avoid even a tank top if you really don’t want to layer it on!
If you have a shorter long-sleeve top you love, you can also go for wider-leg pants or palazzo pants to give you the modesty and airiness you need in the sun.

Jaserah is wearing her absolute favorite Recycled Chiffon in Pearl (found here!)
I’ll end with this: I know mainstream media makes it seem like wearing less is the way to go for the summer heat, but there are so many gorgeous modest styling options that will still allow you to look absolutely stunning, put together, and yet be completely cool under the blazing sun. Just remember, wherever you travel, and whatever the weather, you don’t have to compromise modesty on your trips around the world.
Don’t forget to tag @hhspottedclub in your HH so we can see how you styled your modest vacation look! ;) And share your go-to modest style pieces in the comments below!
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