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Why Viscose Hijabs are My Ultimate HH Favorites!
Aug 7, 2019
Mona Mostafa
staff writer
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Mona Mostafa
staff writer
Before I was ever introduced to Haute Hijab fabrics, chiffon was always my go-to.  I loved the elegance of the fabric, the way it fell around my face, how soft it was. But of course, there was always the issue of slippage from time to time. I didn’t know of any other options, so I just went with it. What I didn’t know was that there was a fabric that could give me everything I love about chiffon without the slipping! 
When I tried viscose for the first time, I couldn’t believe what I had been missing out on.  It was everything a girl could wish for in a hijab - the softness, breathability, the way it falls … it was just WOW. 😍 This may sound really dramatic, and possibly a bit cliche, but it truly makes me feel like a star. I have no other way to describe it! I feel like my best self when I wear it and most comfortable in my skin and any outfit I’m wearing. I could be wearing the least thought-out outfit in the world - it may not even match - but when I top it all off with a Viscose Hijab, I feel like the most confident girl in the world! I just love everything about it! 😍 (Mona is in the Cocoa Viscose Hijab to the left)
If you follow @hhspottedclub on Instagram, you may have heard me raving about Viscose on the story. It’s so soft on your skin but also secure enough that you don’t need to use a single pin if you don’t want to. It’s breathable, and the BEST part is that it falls just like a chiffon hijab, which is my favorite part because I always liked the look of chiffon, just not the maintenance. Also, because of how secure it is on its own, you don’t need to wear an underscarf with it - I know I never do!
Nature of the Fabric and Care:
Let’s talk breathability.  The looser knit in the fabric makes it airy and great for summer!  I recently went to South Africa, which as you probably can imagine was incredibly hot, and I wore viscose pretty much every single day, without feeling even remotely over-heated! It was perfect!
I often compare viscose to chiffon, though there are still some differences to note. One being that chiffon doesn’t generally need to be ironed/steamed, but viscose does. I personally like to take it out of the dryer as soon as it’s done so that it’s still fresh and “steamed.” Then I don’t have to do much to iron it out, because it’s pretty much ironed at that point. If you do want that “chiffon look” though, it is best to iron it! 
What’s the Difference Between Viscose & Modal?
Why am I a viscose fan? Why not modal? Modal is a great hijab as well, but there are specific things I like about a viscose hijab. They are very similar in nature, but there’s two main differences: Viscose is smaller in size (our Modal Maxi hijab is a foot wider for those who want maximum coverage – also great to double as a blanket in the office AC!) and the fabric itself has a slightly looser weave. We also have an entire blog post that discusses the differences and similarities, if you want to read more! I personally love the size of the viscose, because I like a tighter wrap and having less fabric to manage.
Now, my second favorite part about viscose, aside from the incredible look and feel of the fabric, is the color options! We have a huge and wonderful variety, from neutrals to jewel tones, and I can’t get enough! 
Check out the Viscose Hijab color options! These aren't even all of them!
If there is any one fabric that I recommend wholeheartedly, it’s viscose. Perfect for the heat of the summer and a great transition into the fall - in fact it’s pretty much great to wear year-round! I have yet to hear a single complaint from anyone I know who's tried it! I talk about how much I love it so much that even my husband knows what viscose is now! 😂 
To shop our Viscose Hijab collection, click here.
Are you a viscose lover? Let us know in the comments below! What colors do you like? 
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