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Dec 4, 2020
Mona Mostafa
staff writer
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Hakeemah Cummings is one of our HH Ambassadors.
As a brand, we love seeing Muslim women excel in their careers, work towards their passions and goals, pursue their own businesses, and/or be rock star mothers. Ultimately, they show the world that they can make an impact as powerful Muslim women in our community. We’re on a mission to create a world where every woman feels comfortable and confident, and we knew we wanted to create an HH Ambassador program that reflected that. A program that doesn’t just revolve around style and aesthetic, but one that celebrates and encourages advocacy, following one’s passion and community engagement. We wanted ambassadors who are chosen based on the positive impact they make within our community.

We don’t take the term ambassador lightly. When choosing someone to represent Haute Hijab, we look for women who align with our brand principles and values. We know from seeing and meeting the following women, online and offline, that they embody both. Their style and aesthetic is beautiful, but more importantly we love the important issues they stand for. This is why we invited them to join our official #HHSpottedFam!

Below are some of our powerhouse Ambassadors! Join us as we introduce each of them and why they inspire us!
Halima Jama
We can’t get enough of Halima Jama! She is a multi-talented photographer based in Toronto, Canada, with a passion for deen, family, community involvement and, of course, photography! Halima has a weekly segment on her Instagram called “Spreading Black Joy” where she shares hilarious and joyous TikTok videos of our Black brothers and sisters with a goal of eliminating negativity that is too often associated with the Black community. It’s a segment I look forward to on a weekly basis and something I’m sure you’ll enjoy as well! Her smile lights up any room, and her love for Allah (S) inspires us all. I don’t normally tell people what to do, but you should totally drop everything you’re doing right now and give her a follow! ;)
Dr. Fatima Fahs
Dr. Fatima is a dermatologist based in Michigan who uses her professional and educational background to provide skincare tips, bust beauty myths and share products that are beneficial for different skin types. She also started her own business, called Dermy Doc Box, where she sends curated skincare subscription boxes with her favorite products and some mystery items as well. If you need some help in the skincare department, Dr. Fatima is the way to go!
Dr. Fatima is wearing our Bamboo Woven in Dusty Lavender.
Hakeemah Cummings
Hakeemah is a modest fashion stylist for runway, photoshoots and personal occasions. We LOVE seeing her content, from outfit styling to hijab styling tutorials to advocacy efforts including supporting Black businesses, Black Lives Matter and other issues affecting Muslim communities. She always speaks on issues with both poise and grace. Not only is her account visually appealing but also educational and inspiring!
Heifa Odeh
Heifa is a beaming recipe developer and food enthusiast who creates beautiful Middle-Eastern and fusion dishes while sharing her recipes and tips on her website for other food enthusiasts to emulate. She’s such a joy (and a new hijabi by the way!) – definitely an account you won’t regret following!

Heifa is wearing our Jersey in Wisteria.
Dr. Fatima Ibrahim

Dr. Fatima is an optometrist with a love for (none other than my personal favorite color), PINK! Her account touches on inspirational ayahs from the Quran, eye health, decor inspo, friendship and advocacy for issues affecting her beloved country of Nigeria. She also has a blog where she shares adorable recipes for parties, fashion tips, faith and eye care. If you like any of the above topics, she’s someone you’ll want to follow!
Temoria Mughal
Temoria is a medical student and modest fashion blogger who leads by example to empower women to follow their passion to do what they love! In her blog, she writes lifestyle posts, as well as posts about fashion and medicine. She also has a section for her own poetry that she admits is outside of her comfort zone, but says she did it because “this year is all about taking risks for me.” Regardless of her busy med school schedule, she always makes time to share parts of her journey on her account to inspire others.

Temoria is wearing our Everyday Chiffon in Camel.
Sali Digs

I was first introduced to Sali on TikTok, when one of her videos caught my attention and cracked me up with how relevant it was. She’s known for her complete transparency and comedy about being both a wife and mother of two and is quite popular on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok. Like all women and mothers, she makes multi-tasking look easy! Definitely follow her account for some tips on cooking, parenting, fashion, photography and so much more!

Sali is wearing our Everyday Chiffon in Ivory.
Aziza Mohamed

Aziza is a lifestyle blogger, new mom, wife and modest fashionista with loads of interior design inspo and tips for navigating life as a new mom on her account. She also shares her journey of balancing her parental life as a mom to an infant while studying for her MCATS, inspiring others to never give up on their dreams!

Aziza is wearing our Bamboo Woven in Dusty Lavender.
The Aint Afraid Twins!
This multi-talented duo is known for their rap game on Instagram and TikTok. They use their artistry to create music that isn’t only Islamic but empowering to women and young girls everywhere. They don’t shy away from talking about heavy topics and advocating for issues affecting Muslims overseas and in the U.S. They’re so much fun to work with, and we always look forward to the content they put out!

Sakinnah and Zakiyyah are wearing our FlexFit Sport Hijabs in Carbon.
Mahwish Naseer
Mahwish is a new hijabi taking us all on her journey of discovering her favorite fabrics and gracing us all with her beautiful outfits, hijab tutorials, and more importantly, that gorgeous smile Masha’Allah! Being new to wearing hijab can be challenging for some, and Mahwish is determined to share her experiences to help others who are new to hijab figure out how to wear it in ways that will boost their confidence.

Mahwish is wearing our Woven in Camel.
Ahdilah Haswarey
Ahdilah is a certified public health administrator and new hijabi who shares modest fashion finds and styling inspo for every season. While creating her own content and being a graduate student, she also curates posts for hijab-inspo account @themodestymovement, which aims to show how a modest lifestyle is beautiful, achievable and part and parcel of our Islam.

Ahdilah is wearing our Woven in Blush.
Sumaya Sharif
Sumaya is a modest fashion blogger and mental health advocate who shares both affordable and comfortable outfit inspo for us to lounge in quarantine! Her joyful and bubbly spirit emanates through the screen whenever she posts a new photo, and we just can’t get enough of her, Masha’Allah! Her presence throughout this difficult time of COVID has been a space of humble beauty in the midst of an ongoing storm.
Sumaya is wearing our Jersey in Dark Olive.
Amnah Ibrahim
Amnah is a long-time #HHFam member who talks about everything from lifestyle, to parenting, to Islamic holiday decor, to what she’s up to on a daily basis raising four girls, Masha’Allah! She recently moved back to California from Jordan and discusses her journey from that lifestyle to the where she is now.
The above women are just a few of the incredible powerhouses we meet online on a daily basis. We are so inspired by each and every one of them and look forward to inviting more to our beloved #HHSpottedFam!
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