Get Your Glam On With 6 Ways to Style Your Hijab for Eid
Apr 19, 2023
It’s hard to believe we are in the final days of Ramadan, and Eid-ul-Fitr is just around the corner. Whether you’re an early bird and have your Eid clothes and hijab all planned out or a last-minute type of gal, it’s never a bad time to explore different hijab styles for your Eid outfit.
I know it’s easy to get comfortable in your signature hijab style, but every now and then, especially on a special occasion like Eid, it’s nice to change it up and experiment with a different way to wrap your hijab. Go ahead - mix it up! To give you that extra push, I’ve already rounded up some beautiful style options for you!
Classic Tucked-In Square
My personal go-to hijab style, this is a Haute Hijab classic! We love our HH squares because they add the right amount of sophistication and flare. This hijab style is ideal with high collar, button up shirts and full coverage shirts with a high neckline. Lauleh is your girl if you are unsure how to style a square. Whether you choose to knot it and bring it over to the side, or keep it all tucked in, you can’t go wrong with a square.
Style it in HH: Chiffon | Chiffon Prints
The Neck Wrap
The always elegant Fatima looks ultra chic in this style. To achieve this look, place your rectangle hijab to where you have one longer side and one shorter side. Tuck the shorter side into your top and wrap the longer side around your neck and let it fall over your shoulder. Perfect for adding a bit of flare to your Eid outfit!
If you’re Desi (South Asian like our The Haute Take editor, Dilshad), this style would look great with a Desi kurta outfit as well and allows you to showcase your dupatta with your hijab more tucked-in.
Style it in HH: Chiffon | Chiffon Prints
Loose Drape
Zainab makes this style look effortless and even has a tutorial on how she styled this loose-drape hijab. I love the fluidity of the overall look and that it is full coverage in the back. I also like that it is loose around the face for ultimate comfort throughout the day. This style is versatile and would look great with a flowy dress or an abaya.
Style it in HH: Wovens | Woven Prints
Over the Shoulder
This is one of my favorite styles because it can be done in two effortless ways. Mariam Kudsi looks picture perfect with both sides of her hijab draped over her shoulder and out of the way. This style is perfect for your high collar or button up outfits where you don’t need coverage in the front. This style is also perfect for accessorizing with earrings. Check out Mariam’s tutorial styling her traditional attire in this hijab style.
Hina looks absolutely stunning in this print. She chose to drape the longer side of her hijab over her shoulder. This style works well when you need a bit more coverage.
Style it in HH: Chiffon | Pleated Hijabs | Wovens | Woven Prints
Classic Wrap
@sincerelysalam in our Everyday Chiffon hijab in Dusty Lilac.
You can’t go wrong with a classic wrap. Salam wears it beautifully here (featured on our @hhspottedclub IG page) for the sunny spring weather, which makes it the perfect go-to style! Achieve this look by starting with a much shorter side and another longer side. Tuck in the short side and wrap the longer side around your head, securing on the side of your face or under your jaw bone and then drape over your shoulder.
Jersey Wrap
@hakeemahcmb in our Jersey hijab in Pewter.
Last but not least, here’s a jersey wrap for all of you jersey lovers out there. Usually the jersey has the reputation of “sweats for your head” for its comfortable and non-slip nature. However with its butter feel and slight sheen, the HH Jersey hijab can also be beautifully dressed up. I love how Hakeemah dresses it up in this full coverage, drape style that looks elegant while not compromising on comfort.
Style it in HH: Jersey
I hope you found some inspiration in this Eid hijab style LookBook, I know I have. These are just a few styles to try; there are so many other ways you can play around with your hijab to up your Eid look this year. We’d love to see you rocking your HH, so be sure to tag us #HHSpottedClub, and Happy Eid (in advance)!
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