Get Inspired for Modest Bridal Party Fits With These 5 Beautiful Silhouettes
May 18, 2023
Image source: Danah Shuli
It’s one thing for a bride to figure out the style of dress she’d like to wear as well as her hijab and other accompanying accessories. It’s also a whole other job for the bridal party to figure out their outfits that will compliment each other and the bride’s color and taste! And add the extra factor of finding outfits that are modest and have accompanying hijabs (for those who wear it).
It can be a huge undertaking. Should the bridal party wear matching outfits? And will those outfits look good on all body types? I personally steer away from the monotoned, uniform look of bridesmaids and bridal party dresses that are matchy-matchy. The slightly more mismatched look, where everyone’s personality can shine in the dress they choose but still look put together and cohesive as a group, perhaps by sharing the same color palette, is much more on trend. You can even consider wearing different types of clothing all together while sticking to a basic color theme.
Sometimes the bride has a particular vision and instruction on what you’re to wear as a bridesmaid or maid of honor (or member of the bridal party). But more often than not, you have some leeway. If you’re in the process of looking for an outfit for your bestie’s big day (like me!), here are some silhouettes and suggestions to get you started on some traditional, and not so traditional looks.
The Maxi Dress
Image source: Danah Shuli
The maxi dress is definitely the most popular option for most bridal parties. It certainly was for me when my sister got married. My mom, sister and I scored these beautiful mix-and-match dresses from Needle And Thread. It was a bit of a splurge, but if you keep an eye out for their summer sale you can snag their gowns for a great deal. Their airy look and flowy silhouette go perfectly with our Haute Hijab chiffons.
Get a similar look here:
Champagne Maxi Dress | Everyday Chiffon in Vanilla
Floral Maxi Dress | Everyday Chiffon in Pale Rose Petal
Mint Maxi Dress | Everyday Chiffon in Pale Mint
Blue Maxi Dress | Everyday Chiffon in Winter White
The Jumpsuit
Image source: ASOS
I love this trend for an easy going bride and bridal party. The look of a jumpsuit for a wedding brings a fresh and modern touch to the event. This outfit would be ideal for an outdoor wedding that may be more laid back than a ballroom. Whether you go with sequins or satin, this bold choice will surely turn heads! And, these jumpsuits look great with a variety of our sleek Everyday Chiffons and elegant Perfect Satins hijabs!
Get a similar look here:
Turquoise Sequin Jumpsuit | Everyday Chiffon in Winter White | Perfect Satin in Platinum
Gray Lilac Jumpsuit | Perfect Satin in Platinum or Deep Lavender | Everyday Chiffon in Pewter
Tuxedo Belted Jumpsuit | Everyday Chiffon in Winter White
Satin Jumpsuit | Perfect Satin in Rose Quartz | Everyday Chiffon Pale Rose
The Palestinian Thobe
Image source: Diary with Deena
As a Palestinian, this is my go to for a wedding party look. In traditional Palestinian culture, we have a henna night the evening before the wedding day where everyone – from the bride, her entourage and guests – come dressed in the traditional Palestinian dress, the thobe. The intricate embroidery symbolizes different meanings derived from the various cities and villages of Palestine. Some families choose to wear a thobe for the wedding day too, usually the bride and groom’s immediate family members. And, our Everyday Chiffon hijabs are a beautiful accompaniment to this look.
Get a similar look here:
Colorful Embroidered Thobe | Everyday Chiffon in Black or Pale Mint |
Perfect Satin in Platinum or Apricot Blush
The Desi Fit
Image source: Pinterest
I have always been in love with Indian and Pakistani cultural dresses. As a matter of fact, I had one custom made for my Islamic marriage ceremony, Katib Kitab. The vibrant colors, luxurious fabrics, intricate threadwork and beadwork has always captured my attention. This is a beautiful option to consider especially for those who are from the region and want to show off their cultural dress with pride.
There are so many types as well – kurta/shalwar suits, lehenghas, long gowns, ghararas, saris. You can’t go wrong with any of them! Whether you choose vibrant colors, jewel tones, or neutrals, your outfit will surely impress. The nice thing is everyone in the bridal party can choose what suits them best, whether they want to wear pants with their kurta or a lehenga. There are so many beautiful South Asian designers to choose from. Here are a few options.
Get a similar look here:
Kurta with Pants
Maria B Red Suit | Perfect Satin in Bordeaux | Everyday Chiffon in Bordeaux
Maria B White Suit | Everyday Chiffon in Ivory or Winter White
Kurta with Lehenga
Farah Talib Aziz Plum Ensemble | Perfect Satin in Gold
Farah Talib Aziz Ivory Gold Ensemble | Everyday Chiffon in Ivory
The Abaya 
Image source: Google images
There is something about an abaya that screams elegance. For an event like a wedding, I would keep an eye out for appliques, feathers or delicate sequins (or a knot detail) to add some festive flare. Abayas are ideal for mixed weddings: Wear your party dress and cover up with a modest yet fashionable flowy abaya on top. It’s perfect for easy on and off throughout the night. The entire bridal party can don various designs of an abaya, and it will look simply gorgeous!
Get a similar look here:
Gold Fringed Kaftan Dress | Perfect Satin in Gold | Everyday Chiffon in Vanilla
Feather Trimmed Emerald Kaftan Dress | Perfect Satin in Evergreen or Everyday Chiffon in Forest Green
Sequin Abaya Dress | Perfect Satin in Black , Platinum or Silver
As you prepare your bridal party looks, I hope this post has given you some inspiration to try different silhouettes! And whether you want to stick to something within your cultural purview or venture out to something new, remember that our Haute Hijabs are here to pull together your entire ensemble!
What have been some of best bridal party looks you've seen or have been a part of? Share with us in the comments below!
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