Get in a Prayerful State of Mind With Our New Bamboo Prayer Sets!
Feb 6, 2024
Dilshad Ali
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From L-R: Melanie in our Blush Prayer Set, Mauve Prayer Set and Blush Prayer Set again.
What do you do to bring yourself to a prayerful state? A state of mind where you are ready for prayer and are committed to slowing down and let the verses you recite in salah linger on your tongue and in your heart and mind? Where you truly commit to prayer and conversing with Allah (S)? Where kushoo is the goal?
Maybe you have created a special place in your home where prayer is the priority. Maybe you make it a point to pray as soon as the time for that salah begins. Maybe you make sure to plan your day around salah, to make sure you have special places mapped out where you can pray as you go about your work or school day.
All of these things can help elevate your salah and bring you closer to Allah (S) as well as helping to ground you and feel stronger in your connection with your deen and your Lord.
(Want to develop stronger and more meaningful prayer habits? Danah shares important tips here. Also, click here to learn three ways salah and dhikr can help you with your mental and physical well being.)
We know at Haute Hijab the challenges we all face in prioritizing our prayer. Sometimes we miss our prayer, and sometimes long periods of time goes by where we are lax in our prayer and perhaps other faith practices as Muslims. We may struggle to make our prayer up. Knowing the guidelines around making up missed prayers can help. We’ve made it a priority to create the best, most high-quality and ethical hijabs and hijab products to help you feel confident and strong as Muslim women while also helping you hold tight to your deen and be close to Allah (S).
It is with this in mind that we’re so proud to share with you our latest collection: Bamboo Prayer Sets – inspired by faith, crafted by devotion. And let me tell you, I think I’m the most excited person at HH about this new collection!
Melanie wearing our Prayer Set in Blush.
While I’m sure many of you have special prayer hijabs and/or designated hijabs for prayer, I never really have had a designated prayer outfit or hijab. Sure, growing up I had certain go-to chaddors (large pieces of cloth with finished edges used to wrap around your head and body) and scarves I grabbed for prayer. But in my past two-plus decades as a mom, my salah game has been pretty grab-and-go: Grab whatever hijab is closest, put on a coat or I'm wearing a t-shirt in the house and pray.
When I joined HH five-and-a-half years ago and perused the hijab categories we offered, I saw that prayer hijabs or prayer sets were absent, but I quickly learned they were on the roadmap of products we want to produce and offer to you. And so, I vowed that I wouldn’t buy a prayer set from anywhere else until I could own one made by Haute Hijab.
And that time has come!
About Our Prayer Sets
Our Bamboo Woven Prayer Set is a two-piece set consisting of a skirt and long prayer hijab that comes down past the waistband of the skirt. It is made of 100% bamboo viscose poplin and has two sizes: S/M and L/XL.
The fabric: Bamboo Viscose, which is made from crushed bamboo fiber, is a bit different from our Bamboo Woven hijabs, which is made from bamboo cellulose. But it shares the same sustainable qualities of bamboo, and the fabric is known for its softness and antimicrobial properties, making it an ideal choice for daily wear. It’s lightweight weave adds comfort and ensures ease of movement and greater breathability. The fabric has moisture-wicking properties, is hypoallergenic and is durable and soft.
Melanie wearing our Prayer Set in Mauve.
The sizing and design: We designed this prayer set with simplicity and ease of wear in mind – so that you don’t have to fuss while praying. The hijab has elastic built in around the chin area, so you can adjust it to fit your face without having to worry about pins or ties. In the small/medium size, the top piece has a neck opening of 10 inches (12.5 inches when fully stretched out) and is 27 inches long in the front and 47 inches long in the back. The skirt piece is 14.5 inches in circumference around the waist and 27 inches when fully stretched out. It is 42 inches in length.
With the large/x-large size, the top piece has a neck opening of 11 inches (13 and ⅝ inches when fully stretched) and is 30 inches long in the front and 47.5 inches long in the back. The skirt piece is 16 inches in circumference around the waist and 43.5 inches when fully stretched out. It is 43.5 inches in length.
The colors: Blush and Mauve.
The care: We recommend that you hand wash or wash on delicate cycle with gentle, bleach-free detergent. Hang dry or tumble dry on low heat. Use a steamer or iron on medium heat for wrinkle removal.
The price: $80
We are so excited to be bringing you this prayer set, because not only are we committed to bringing you the best hijabs and hijab products possible to help you live your best life as a Muslim woman, we also are committed to supporting the spiritual well being of our customers. Sustainability and products that are more eco-friendly are also priorities for us, and we are thrilled to be bringing you a prayer set made of Bamboo Viscose rather than polyester.
Melanie wearing our Prayer Set in Blush
I was thrilled to pray my salah this week in my brand new Haute Hijab prayer set, and I hope it can help me get in a more prayerful state of mind, Insha’Allah. Be sure to get one for yourself and grab a few for gifting (what a great thing to gift in Ramadan, to those who are new to Islam, or for anyone for any reason!).
We hope you love them as much as we do, and that they become an integral part of your day.

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