From the Editor's Desk – October is Print Szn for Endless Autumn Days!
Oct 2, 2023
Dilshad Ali
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A previous HH Prints contest winner!
Dear friends,
Anne of Green Gables (one of my favorite childhood literary characters) said, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
Me too, Anne. Me too.
Because even though as I sit here in my screened-in porch and write this top-of-the-month column amid a week of 80-degree weather here in Virginia where I live (something we call “second summer," which comes after “false fall” and before “actual fall”), we autumn-lovers have welcomed fall as the beginning of sweater weather, cozy neck scarves, cute boots and PRINTS!
October is Prints month at Haute Hijab! And around our virtual office, we’re also calling it PSL season – Prints, Save, Layer (as opposed to pumpkin spice latte 🙂).
We are excited to focus on our Chiffon Print Hijabs, and how they can bring that touch of warmth, spice and freshness to any autumn outfit you create! We’ll be bringing you five (instead of our usual four) beautiful prints each Tuesday and holding a fabulous BOGO Prints sale all month long. For every THREE Chiffon Prints you buy,you’ll get one free! The discount automatically applies at checkout.
Also, in celebration of Prints month, we’re excited to bring back our Fall Prints Photo Contest! This is one of our most favorite community-driven photo contests because you all BRING IT when it comes to prints and fall styles! The emphasis is on Prints. You must be wearing an HH Print (whether it’s a Chiffon or Woven Print) to enter the contest. Bonus if you can make your photo fall-themed.
We’ll be sharing a post later this week that has all the details about this photo contest, so check back to the blog. You will not want to miss taking part in this, because the prizes are pretty sweet!
Meanwhile, October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness month, and we will hope to bring you some articles from survivors about what really helps them during their time of need. We all are inclined to want to help any family member, friend or community member who is dealing with breast cancer. But instead of saying, “Let me know how I can help,” which often puts the burden on the person who is suffering, our plan is to curate a list of things that provide immediate help and support without having to do a lot of asking.
We also want to explore the topic of forgiveness as it pertains to domestic violence. How can DV survivors stop blaming themselves for what they’ve endured? How do we teach ourselves that forgiveness is for ourselves, not for the abuser? And, what does Islam really have to say about DV and forgiveness? Is it incumbent upon us to forgive? Do we have to? Can it be more about moving on and letting go and leaving the fate of an abuser up to Allah (S)
These are all very sensitive and difficult questions we hope to explore.
So, get settled and find your cozy groove. There are questions to be explored, discussions to be had, things to be learned, fall to be celebrated and prints to be worn! As always, keep us in your du’as, as you are in ours. And begin everything you do with the proper intentions and Bismillah.
Editorially yours,

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