From the Editor's Desk – How are We Streamlining Our Lives for Ramadan?
Mar 2, 2023
Dilshad Ali
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As salaamu alaikum and hello everyone!
I was talking to my daughter about finishing up her makeup fasts (she has one left), telling her that we’re nearly to the two-week mark in Sha'baan when it’s recommended to not fast before Ramadan begins. She assured me she had plans to finish the last one in the next day or two, upon which I asked her – why do you wait until the last minute?
But isn't that often the way? We plan on doing something – whether it’s making up our fast or writing that paper or completing that assignment for work or finally cleaning out that closet or even praying our salah as soon as salah time comes – but we find ourselves getting it done in the nick of time. I’m just as guilty as the next person. Too often I pray my daily prayers near the ending time for them instead of as soon as the time comes.
Image source: Pexels
And so, while the usual litany of Ramadan planning suggestions and prepping courses are coming down the pipeline, for me it’s about taking it back to the small things I hope to do to instill better faith (and life) habits in me and my kids, like doing things on time. Praying as soon as the time for prayer comes. Giving salah more importance so I don’t rush through it.
Ramadan is coming in just a few more weeks this March, whether or not we have things we are doing to prep for it or if we are planning on winging it. I’m reminded more and more, with each passing year, of the du’a I see so many people uttering in Ramadan - about beseeching Allah (S) to accept the worship we do in Ramadan for His sake, because we don’t know if we’ll make it to the next Ramadan.
Melanie’s (HH’s CEO) recent trip to Turkey with Islamic Relief USA to help raise awareness and funds for earthquake survivors in the region (and in Syria) brought this into such sharp focus for all of us at HH. Melanie shared stories with us while she was there, telling us how everyone she met kept saying Alhamdulillah, and extolling the blessings of Allah (S). The latest information from the region puts the death toll at more than 50,000 – all those people who did not live to see the next Ramadan.
These are the things we are keeping in our hearts and mind as we get ready for Ramadan this month. As our Product Manager Elizabeth Walsh mentioned in our Ramadan planning meeting, we’re kind of in the mindset of what we can take away, streamline, and get rid of from our lives to help us center Allah (S) more solidly.
Melanie on her recent trip with IRUSA to Turkey to meet with earthquake survivors.
What is that for me? What is that for you?
This is some of what we will be exploring on the blog this month as we ready for Ramadan and then enter the holy month. We recently read a thought-provoking post on Instagram questioning the rise and emphasis on Ramadan decor the past several years, wondering if it was a slippery slope to focusing more on the outer beauty rather than the inner worship of Ramadan. There is a time and a place for it all, and our writer Danah will be exploring this balance as part of her own intentions towards worship and Ramadan as a mother to young kids.
We also are continuing our partnership with IRUSA to continue sharing stories and shining the spotlight on earthquake survivors out of Turkey and Syria, and we plan to go deep into what it takes to do this kind of charitable work as well as stories of Muslims and Muslimahs striving to build and rebuild their lives back. Charity is such an important part of our faith, and we want to dive deep into how this work is nurtured and facilitated.
Also, it’s Women’s History Month, and we plan on resharing with you our series of dynamic Muslimahs from our Islamic history as well as bringing you the stories of some other powerhouse Muslim women upon whose shoulders we stand!
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We pray your preparations this month for Ramadan help get you in the best frame of mind for our holy month, and that this Ramadan is one full of deep worship, community and good health. It will be a struggle in many ways, but we are (Insha’Allah) ready for it. As always, keep us in your prayers, make good decisions and always start with Bismillah!
Editorially yours,
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