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From the Editor's Desk – Haute Hijab Academy & A New Collection Coming in August
Aug 1, 2022
Dilshad Ali
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Image soure: Pexels; photo by mentatgdt
Dilshad Ali
Salaamualalikum everyone!
How did we get to August so quickly? Has this been the “Haute Girl Summer” (whatever that means for you) that you hoped for? Well, there’s still time left before fall and “back to school” season begins to get some rest and relaxation! When I wrote June’s column, I was nervously counting down the days until my eldest autistic son’s graduation and end of school. Well, that’s come and gone, and as we wait for his next chapter in life to begin, we’re just taking it one day at a time around here.
How about you? Do you have kids who will be going back to school in a few weeks? Or back to college? Are you returning to school yourself, beginning a new job or returning to in-person work? Even if nothing is really changing after the summer is done, this time of year somehow feels like a gearing up for either the start of something new or the return of a more “regular” schedule after the heat and adventures of summertime.
So for whatever is coming up on your horizon, let us help you get ready in the ways in which we experts with our Haute Hijab Academy of articles, content, tips and tools to help you feel your most confident and comfortable in your hijab and in your readiness to face whatever it is you’re taking on as a strong, powerful Muslim woman!
The writing team and I have been brainstorming on what we can bring you to help you get ready for school, work or whatever you have coming up. This starts with our latest installment of our “Ask Hijab” column, in which a young guest writer is helping me answer your question about tips and tricks for living that hijab life while living in college dorms. Here are some of the other “HH Academy” articles we have cooking for the blog in August:
  • Hijab 101 – all the products you'll need if you’re new to hijab or even if you’ve been wearing it for awhile and need a refresher course!
  • Hijab style tutorials for work and school to keep you your most polished and comfortable.
  • Confidence in hijab – how to gain confidence in who you are and what your style is.
  • A letter to new hijabis as the school year starts.
  • Hijab hacks for dorms.
  • What happens when you don’t follow family expectations for your major or career?
We also will be bringing you stories from Shi’a women about Ashura and Muharram, as the new Islamic year has begun. And finally, because I simply CANNOT forget to mention this, the HH team is super excited and pumped for a new hijab collection we will be releasing in August as part of our Wovens category.
This collection is stunning, (I know I’m biased, but trust me, it is!) and for an editor, writer and storyteller like me – the story and inspiration behind this collection excites me almost as much as the hijab collection itself. We have planned for a series of stories and content across our various channels (the blog, Instagram, our website, Facebook) highlighting this new collection, and I can’t wait for you to see it!
Please keep us in your du’as, as you are in ours! As always, make good choices and always begin with Bismillah!
Editorially yours,
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