Cultural Glam! Family Monochromatic Magic! Eid Looks that Left No Crumbs Behind
May 5, 2022
L-R: @shaymaadarling, @aini_a_a and @Ameenaroshae
Eid Mubarak everyone!
May 2, 2022 marked the end of the holy month of Ramadan and brought us Eid al Fitr, one of the two major religious holidays we annually celebrate. We all have a variety of traditions and ways we celebrate Eid, but one of the more universal Eid things we do across our Muslim communities is dressing up in our best clothing – oftentimes we coordinating colors with the whole family, pull out our slickest cultural ensembles, and we often adorn ourselves with jewelry and henna/mehendi as a way of expressing the joy of completing the month-long fast. We rejoice in the blessings God has shown us during these holy days.
It just so happens that Eid al Fitr this year landed on the same day as the Met Gala (when celebrities get all dressed up according to whatever the theme is that year), and to be honest I was a lot more excited to see my sisters and brothers killing it on my Instagram fEid (get it?) than to see the celebrities at the Met.
Someone said the “Muslim Met Gala” had begun on Monday morning, and the fire looks were still coming in days later. After finishing a month of fasting, Muslims ate and left no crumbs.
It was so hard to pin down just a few looks from the themes I gathered as I scrolled through my socials, but here are four categories I just couldn’t resist, with three examples per each category amongst the hundreds of stunning looks that are certainly out there:
1. Cultural Glam
Many Muslims choose to represent their culture and ethnic backgrounds through their Eid outfits, and this Eid was no different. Multicultural outfits, foods and celebratory traditions can be found throughout Eid gatherings and it’s beautiful to see ourselves celebrating in clothing that is rich with meaning and history. Here are @glowrious.s, @talesandturbans and @covered.and.fab in their stunning traditional clothing on Eid day.
For Gloria’s look, our Black chiffon would be perfect, and try Biscay Blue for a perfect match to Aissatou’s ensemble, and Pale Mint would look lovely with Fatima’s outfit!
2. Eid in Bloom
Ramadan and Eid coincided with the start of spring for many Muslims celebrating this year. As the weather warmed and buds began to blossom, so did our spirits as we journeyed through Ramadan into Eid al Fitr. These ladies’ stunning Eid content reminded me that although Ramadan has come to an end, it was really just a spiritual seed that we should nurture throughout the year as we continue to bloom.
Also, note to self: Grab a fresh bouquet for your next spring photoshoot! Left to right: @meelahxo (check out Palestinian Poppy for a similar print from HH), @shaymaadarling (this would look incredible with Wisteria) and @israa_ado (try this with Light Mink!)
3. Family Monochrome Magic
Some of my favorite Eid pictures have got to be family photos, and there’s something about monochrome looks that are super cute and polished. @Ameenaroshae coordinated with her adorable three daughters in tickle-me-pink (try Retro Pink for this fun look), while Jameela from @brooklynmomlife kept it all neutral in shades of white and cream for her family (Ivory in satin would look beautiful for this look). And finally, Dilshad (@dilshaddali), my HH blog editor and her stunning family pulled up in all purple, with her daughter wearing HH Wisteria in chiffon.
4. Couples’ First Eid
After being married for nine years, these first Eid moments seem so far away to me sometimes, so it’s refreshing and adorable to enjoy these Eid photos of couples celebrating their first holiday together. Eid is a time to acknowledge Allah’s (S) infinite blessings, and I’m praying for continued love and mercy for all the couples celebrating their firsts in 2022.
Left to right: @aini_a_a (check out our Gold satin hijab for a similar look) , @dyanabratz (her hijab is the slightest shade of pink, similar to Blush), @tefanyusuf (her color here is similar our woven in Camel) .
Every time I opened my phone this week there was another photo that screamed to be featured, and if I could give every person their flowers I certainly would, but this article would be 50 pages long. Masha’Allah, my ummah is beautiful inside and out. And in closing, I would like to quote a wise sage, a.k.a @Nadirah.p, who tweeted, “I am a Muslim first, and a baddie immediately after.”
I felt that Nadirah, and so did all the Muslims who blessed our fEids on this gorgeous holiday.
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