Are You Ramadan Ready? An Exhaustive List of Books, Decor, Printables, Pajamas & More!
Mar 14, 2022
Image source: Amnah Ibrahim, Little Life of Mine
It’s almost that time of year again with the holy month of Ramadan only a few weeks away. May Allah (S) allow us to witness another Ramadan and aid us in its fasting and prayer. Ameen. As we gear up and prepare ourselves spiritually for the upcoming month of worship, it is also important for us as Muslims living abroad in non-Islamic countries to facilitate a festive environment for our families.
With respect to the different opinions on this, I believe it’s especially important for those of us with young children who are bombarded with celebrations and traditions from other religions throughout the year to create a festive and God-conscious atmosphere around Ramadan. Now is our time to shine and show our children that we too have holidays that are celebrated and enjoyed. I’ve talked about my family’s traditions surrounding Ramadan and Eid in last year’s post, which I hope will inspire you to create family traditions of your own for Ramadan and Eid.
There is a way for us to create Ramadan traditions and a festive atmosphere without breaking the bank or unnecessarily buying loads of stuff, which can lead to a feeling of rampant consumerism and wastage.
Trying to keep up with buying the latest decor, books, and making new traditions can definitely be overwhelming. One tip I’ve picked up is to only purchase items that I know are great quality in order to reuse and repurpose them year after year. I also try to limit the number of items that I plan on purchasing each year and treat my Ramadan and Eid collection as a capsule, adding pieces that complement what I already have rather than buying all the things year after year.
Creating Family Traditions
Image source: author
Making “Welcome Ramadan” cookies and passing them out to our neighbors, friends and family at the start of the month along with a Ramadan postcard with my children’s photo has been a tradition I’ve started a few years ago. It’s become a yearly celebration that my daughter, and now my son, look forward to and ask about.
We bake crescent moon and star shaped sugar cookies, decorate them and package them with a heartfelt note. I also attach a “Ramadan Mubarak” greeting card with the children’s photos as a personalized keepsake for our loved ones, which has been a nice way to look back on how much they’ve grown over the years.
Having a “Welcome Ramadan” party is another really fun way to get your kids together with their friends to celebrate the start of the holy month. Treats, pizza, Ramadan crafts and stories – I am totally in love with this idea and would love to incorporate it into my family’s Ramadan festivities. My fellow HH writer, Hakeemah Cummings, brought back this yearly tradition that she shares with family and friends, now that social gatherings are starting to pick up again for those that feel comfortable doing so after nearly two years of pandemic sheltering-in-place.
Supporting Muslim Vendors and Businesses
It’s also been impressive to see the rise in Muslim-owned businesses over the years. I’m so proud of the Muslim community at large – the creativity, innovation and talent in all facets when it comes to putting an emphasis on celebrating our holidays has been so heartwarming.
Repurposing decor, keeping consumerism at bay, as well as being conscious of our carbon footprint is important whether you are on the entrepreneur/business or consumer end. Living on this Earth is an amanah that should not be taken lightly, and here at Haute Hijab we are continuously looking to improve our green practices as a business.
Image source: Tawheed Treasures
It is also worth noting that supporting our small businesses does not necessarily mean we need to continuously buy from them. Simply sharing your favorite shop and recommending them to friends and family can go a long way in supporting their business. Whether you are in the market to purchase, want to share recs with friends/family or just want to peruse the plethora of Muslim talent, I’ve rounded up a wide-ranging list of online shops with Ramadan merch for your convenience.
We would love to hear all about your family traditions in the comments below. Please share with us how you make Ramadan and Eid a special time for your family! And even though this list is thorough, we know we may have missed some businesses. Please feel free to share your favorite Muslim decor businesses in the comments below!
Books & Book/Toy Stores
Alif 2 Yaa Website | Instagram
Arabic Book A Month Website | Instagram
Crescent Moon Bookstore Website | Instagram
Deen Hubb Website | Instagram
Eastern Toy Box Website | Instagram
Happy Street Website | Instagram
Islamic Books for Kids Website
Maktabatee Website | Instagram
Omars Library Instagram
Rafiq and Friends Website | Instagram
Ramadan Around The WorldWebsite| Instagram
Siraj Store Website | Instagram
Zair Zabr Play Website | Instagram
Ramadan & Eid Decor
Image source: Amnah Ibrahim, Little Life of Mine
Amasi Decor Website | Instagram | Etsy
Barakah Crafts Instagram | Etsy
Crafty Emo Instagram | Etsy
Crafty Shiro Instagram | Etsy
Crescent Moon Kids Instagram | Etsy
Crescent Star Creations Instagram
Crown Your Occasions Instagram | Etsy
Days of Eid Website | Instagram
Design by Deda Instagram | Etsy
Designed with Love Instagram | Etsy
Eid Creations Instagram
Every Cloud Silver Lining Website | Instagram
Handmade Begginings Website | Instagram
Hearts and Craftz Etsy | Instagram
Hello Holy Days Website | Instagram
Huez Unlimited Instagram
Koalas Corner Website | Instagram
Little Wings Creative Website | Instagram
My 1st Masjid Website | Instagram
Mubarak Paper Co Website | Instagram
New Traditions Website | Instagram
Nur Shop Website | Instagram
Oak Creative Designs Website | Instagram | Etsy
Oh My Hostness Etsy
Quote Lovin Instagram | Etsy
Sprouting Buds Instagram | Etsy
Star Paper Moon Website | Instagram | Etsy
Sweet Greetings Gifts Instagram
Tawheed Treasures Website | Instagram
Image source: Tawheed Treasures
The Barakah Boutique Website | Instagram
The Craft Souk Website | Instagram
The Deen Squad Website | Instagram
The Gift Shoppe Instagram
The Inkspired Studio Website | Instagram | Etsy
The Rustik Home Website | Instagram
With A Spin Website | Instagram | Etsy Instagram | Etsy
Ramadan/Eid Pajamas & Clothing
Crescent Moon Kids Instagram | Etsy
Jasmine and Marigold Website | Instagram
Noam Pajamas Website | Instagram
Noors Knits Instagram | Etsy
The Deen Squad Website | Instagram
Twinkled Eid Website | Instagram
Printables & Resources
Figs & Olives Wellness Facebook | Instagram | Website
Hello Holy Days Website | Instagram
Lamia Tatari Instagram | Website
Little Wings Creative Website | Instagram
M for Moon Instagram | Etsy
Miss Sana Teaches Instagram | Etsy
Muslim Busy Box Instagram | Website
Quote Lovin Instagram | Etsy
Simply Ramadan Website | Instagram
The Little Bulbul Website | Instagram Instagram | Etsy
What are your favorite Ramadan shops, businesses and vendors? What decor, books and traditions make up your Ramadan capsule? Share with us in the comments below!
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