9 Times Our HH Ambassadors Killed It With Their Instagram Reel Game!
Dec 21, 2021
Mona Mostafa
staff writer
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I had such a blast working with our incredible Haute Hijab Ambassadors this year, Alhamdullilah. I’ve seen how truly passionate they are about our brand and product and how that’s reflected in their content creation, Masha’Allah. The Reels they created this year ran the gamut of fashionable, funny and relatable! I couldn’t round up all of their Reels of course (because that would be way too many), so I picked some of my favorites from 2021 to share with you!
They are truly beautiful women from the inside out, and I hope you get to see why I love working with them all through watching these videos, Insha’Allah! So, check out the following nine Reels from our HH Ambassadors!
Jaserah – @simplyjaserah
When the queen of Recycled Chiffon in Pearl, Jaserah (@simplyjaserah) converts to Chiffon in Espresso for the winter, it makes for a simple and beautiful Reel! How gorgeous does she look in this color, Masha'Allah?!
Mahwish N. Hussain – @mahwishnh
When you want to get the perfect effortless drape in our Bamboo Wovens, Mahwish (@mahwishnh) has got you covered. I was and still am obsessed with this tutorial and highly recommend you try it to get that gorgeous effortless drape that still provides the ultimate coverage. ;)
Hakeemah Cummings – @hakeemahcmb
If you haven’t already seen this Reel, you’re in for a laugh. It’s one of my all time favorites as an expression of how our new Pavé magnets make you feel. Hakeemah (@hakeemahcmb) couldn’t have expressed it better. I always love her creativity, and this one was a 10/10.
Fatima Ibrahim – @fatima.b.ibrahim
You know what I love more than a good transition? How good Fatima (@fatima.b.ibrahim) looks in literally each and every chiffon print she wears, Masha'Allah. This was a Reel she did back when we had our Flash Prints Sale and like I said – she couldn’t look better, Masha’Allah!
Dr. Fatima Fahs – @dermy_doctor
If you don’t already follow Michigan dermatologist Dr. Fatima Fahs (@dermy_doctor) then you should know she’s an avid advocate of SPF and has hilarious Reels on her account of how she feels about people who don’t think they need to wear it. This is one that personally cracks me up.
To hear more on Dr. Fatima’s skincare tips, feel free to check out this joint live with Melanie where she talks all things self-care with skincare!
Dr. Rand Diab @rdiabmd
Dr. Rand (@rdiabmd) has been killing the Reel game recently, posting consistently relatable content for Muslims and hijabis. This one in particular was an adorable (and hilarious) expression of how to encourage new hijabis to love and own their hijab-wearing experience, which is very much in line with our current #LikeYouMeanItHH campaign! Definitely be sure to drop by her account to see all her latest content!
Amnah Ibrahim @littlelifeofmine
Next is a Reel that stuck out to me because of how real and relevant it was. Amnah (@littlelifeofmine) touches on some of the comments she received when she found out she was having her first boy. I’m sure we can all relate to being told these things or hearing them being said to someone we know but maybe not recognizing how hurtful the comments could be.
Temoria @temoryouknow
Last but never least is a Reel made by Temoria (@temoryouknow) where she shares an intimate reflection on what hijab means to her.
These Reels give you a glimpse of how fun, real, and relatable these amazing women are. Be sure to follow your faves for continuously entertaining and educational content! #HHSpottedFam
What were your favorite Reels this year and your favorite personalities on IG? Share with us in the comments below!
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