6 Vendors Who Will Up Your Ramadan Decor Game AND Bring Blessings to Your Home
Mar 9, 2023
Image source: Tawheed Treasures
The month of mercy and blessings is closely approaching, and with every passing day we ask Allah (S) to aid us in fasting and qiyam for those who witness Ramadan and, Ameen! Every year I enjoy rounding up as many Muslim-owned businesses that I can find in order to make a master list for you to get your Ramdan decor, books and essentials. It makes my heart so full to see the abundance in shops that are available to us now.
Growing up, many of us did not have as many options for ready-made decorations or beautifully-illustrated and well-written Islamic books. Some of my fondest memories of Ramadan were getting crafty with my siblings and mom, creating our own lanterns, putting up string lights and listening to my parents tell us the story of Laylatul Qadr and Prophet Muhamad’s (saw) revelations.
This year, instead of putting together another comprehensive list, (you can find the previous ones here with Ramadan 2021, Ramadan 2022), I have handpicked a select few who are donating and giving back to charitable causes and their communities. The recent devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria as well as ongoing crisis and needs for Muslims throughout the world has us thinking even more so at HH about how we can give back as we gear up for Ramadan.
While we are fortunate enough to prepare for Ramdan and celebrate this month in the comfort of our homes with beautiful items and resources, it’s important for us to think of those who are less fortunate, who are walking into this Ramadan without a home, with missing family members, and little food with which to break their fast. Giving charity is an essential part of Ramadan, so let’s embrace it by supporting businesses that create items we love, as well as provide some comfort for those in need.
And don't forget, if it's fresh hijabs you're looking for as you ready for Ramadan, Haute Hijab also will be giving a portion of its proceeds from Ramadan sales to earthquake relief and other causes!
1. DeenHubb | Website | Instagram
From Islamic books for kids, letter and number resources, prayer mats and even adorable pins, Deen Hubb is your shop. Deen Hubb works with a variety of different outreach programs within their community, on a national and even international level. They offer programs such as free kids’ story times, mentorship and interfaith gatherings, as well as facilitating aid for refugees seeking a better future outside of their home countries. Within the U.S. Deen Hubb has been active in serving at-risk and underserved families in Salt Lake City, Utah, Cincinnati, Ohio and other communities.
Danah’s picks:
2. Happy Street | Website | Instagram
There couldn’t have been a more suitable name for this one-stop shop! At Happy Street you will find all of your educational needs along with everything you need to throw the perfect celebration. Home decor, tableware and even cookie cutters for Ramdan and Eid baking.
Happy Street believes in “living a beautiful and fabulous life surrounded by Islamic values.” This goes hand in hand with their mission to give back a portion of their net profits to Syria Relief to help those affected by the ongoing crisis in Syria as well as the most recent earthquake that hit the region.
Danah’s picks:
3. Lilly & Lulu Co | Website | Instagram
This shop is one that I have personally purchased from, and the owner happens to be a good friend of mine. It has been inspiring to see the work of this mom and business owner progress over the years; she creates beautiful Islamic-inspired pieces that are timeless and versatile. From wooden plaques and signs with dua’s, to mosque minarets to dinnerware, Lilly and Lulu Co is farmhouse chic with a faith inspired spin!
This Ramadan, Lilly & Lulu Co is donating a portion of their sales to victims of the Turkiye and Syria earthquake. The shop also donates a portion of their profits to Yaqeen Institute, which creates more opportunities for Yaqeen to provide Islamic learning resources that are a benefit to so many.
Danah’s picks:
4. Little Wings Creative | Website | Instagram
Little Wings Creative is the perfect place to get your hands on the cutest illustrations for all of your Islamic celebratory needs. Their products make the most thoughtful gifts that will sure to add a splash of color into anyone’s home. Here you will find digital downloads that you can print many times over, the Rainbow Color Quran in various beautiful shades, and baby onesies with Islamic inspired messages for your little Muslims. I also love their collection of free printables that makes decorating, gift giving and crafting affordable and customizable to your liking!
Little Wings Creative is a socially conscious business that has partnered with Muslim Aid’s Orphan Aid program. By donating a percentage of profits from every product sold, Little Wings Creative is able to provide help to the most vulnerable and loved members of our ummah to Allah (S) and His Prophet (saw) – orphans.
Danah’s picks:
5. Modern Wall Arts | Website | Instagram
When I think of Islamic home decor on a large scale, Modern Wall Arts is my go to! Masha’Allah, their beautifully curated pieces showcase the talent and skills of the artist behind it all. Modern Wall Arts specializes in 3D decor pieces made out of stainless steel. You can purchase just about everything you need in order to design your home with Quranic verses and du’as, all beautifully crafted in calligraphy. Modern Wall Arts takes pride in donating to a variety of charitable causes and mosques. The owner and artist of Modern Wall Arts was also on the grounds in Turkiye providing aid and serving meals to victims of the recent earthquake, Masha’Allah!
Danah’s picks:
6. Tawheed Treasures | Website | Instagram
Last, but most certainly not least, is Tawheed Treasures! This shop is another one near and dear to me. The owner is a great friend of mine and was also my science teacher growing up! I am truly so proud of the progress she has made in her business, with all things wood and inspired by the words of Allah (S). At Tawheed Treasures you can snag wooden Islamic-inspired kits for your little ones to paint and display in their playroom or bedrooms. They serve as a beautiful reminder of daily dhikr. You can also make custom wooden signs to display in your home and special occasions. I have personally made a number of these for my own children and gifted them to my family.
What I love most about Tawheed Treasures is that a portion of all purchases is part of an automatic monthly donation to a variety of trusted organizations and causes, such as Muslimmatters.org, PennyAppealUSA, Sapience Institute and featured campaigns on Launchgood.com.
Danah’s picks:
As we decorate our homes to welcome Ramadan, let’s not forget that the essence of this month is to prepare our body, mind and soul for a spiritual recharge and reset. Finding shops that give back while also providing pieces for us to enrich our celebrations and sprinkle joy brings purpose to our spending and barakah in our wealth.
May Allah (S) make us of those who praise Him in our times of ease and show gratitude for His endless blessings upon us. May He increase us in the ability to think of and find ways to help those who are less fortunate, especially in our times of celebration. Ameen!
Do you have a favorite shop that is donating to a special cause or organization this Ramadan? Please share them in the comments below!
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