5 Beautiful Ways to Style Your Wedding Hijab
Jul 30, 2021
Mona Mostafa
staff writer
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HH blog writer Danah Shuli styles her sister Razan on her wedding day.
So many of us as young girls dream of we get to wear a white wedding dress on our big day, but styling it with hijab may bring on a lot of anxiety and uncertainty for how it’ll all come together. I know many women who have chosen to forego the hijab all together on their big day or opt for a wedding where the men and women are separated just to avoid dealing with it.

But it doesn’t have to be a burden or a stressful task. I’ve shared five gorgeous hijab styling ideas below to help ease your anxiety and help you shine on your wedding day.

The Classic Wrap & Veil
Danah helps her sister Razan.
If you love a classic look similar to your own everyday hijab style, this is likely the one for you. I wore this style on my wedding day, wrapping a rectangular hijab the way I normally would but added a veil that I pinned to the back of my hijab to complete my “wedding look.” I specifically chose this look because I didn’t want to look or feel too different or unrecognizable to myself or my guests. It’s also the simplest look to avoid any coverage mishaps.

Our blog writer Danah helped style her sister Razan’s wedding hijab below, and I think we can all agree that she was absolutely stunning, Masha’Allah. She wore our Everyday Chiffon in Winter White for her big day!
Bride: @razoonxo
Danah: @motherofpearl91
Photos taken by @chasityzwickerphotography
The Crystal Headpiece
Crystal headpieces are popular for a lot of hijabi brides, as they add that little extra something that feels more glamorous and differentiates from a normal everyday look. Some women wear it under their hijab so it hangs from their forehead, the way Katie (@katie.roushdi) elegantly does below. Notice that she forgoes the traditional veil and instead wears her hijab hanging behind her back, still giving the illusion of a veil.
Hala (@halaelsamna) also opted for a headpiece but instead sewed it to the top of her hijab so it looks more like a crystal tiara. To secure her veil, she also sewed it to the back of her Everyday Chiffon in Ivory. It may seem drastic, but I do recommend securing your veil or headpiece the best way you know how (whether its with multiple pins or sewing it on). With the excessive movement and the potential of someone stepping on your veil (yikes, I know, but it happens), you don’t want the veil/headpiece to fall off or be lopsided in photos!
Photos taken by @brightlightstudios
Another option is to pin a crystal applique on the side of your hijab the way Meryam (@imeryemn) does below. I love this simple yet incredibly elegant look. If you’re not a fan of adding a veil or headpiece on top of your hijab, but still want something that feels bridal, this is a great way to do that! How gorgeous is she, Masha’Allah?!
Photos taken by @photographybyShefa
Let The Dress Speak For Itself
Hana and her husband.
I don’t know about you, but when I attend a wedding, I always look forward to seeing the bride’s dress. Not only is it such a significant piece of any woman’s big day, but there’s so much time and effort that goes into choosing the one that is just right for the bride and her personality. It speaks volumes to the bride's style and what she views as her perfect dress.

Every woman’s gown is so beautiful in its own way, because the bride chose it to wear on the most important day of her life. And after all the effort that went into choosing/designing the dress to fit who you are, you may not want anything else to take away from that.
If that’s the case, opting for a simple, everyday hijab wrap without a veil or headpiece is the way to go. Hana’s dress definitely speaks for itself in all it’s gorgeous beaded glory, Masha’Allah. Adding a wedding veil or headpiece to this may have taken away from her overall look. The hijab however, doesn’t have to take away from your gown. If anything, it can compliment it beautifully – the way it did for Hana.
Bride: @hanaq_
Photos taken by @halimajama_
The Modest Turban
Last but not least is what I like to call “the modest turban.” This look can work great with a high-neck gown, so you don’t have to worry about neck or chest coverage. Maya is rocking this look in our Everyday Chiffon in Ivory, Masha’Allah. Also, pro tip for those of you who want the beading or applique on your sleeves to show: wear a beige long sleeve bodysuit underneath to give your sleeves that extra pop while still covering up, (the way Maya does below!)
If you’ve read any of my styling pieces in the past, this may sound like a broken record – but hijab doesn’t have to limit you or take away from your overall look. The best part is, hijab is so versatile that you can style it anyway you like to make it your own on your big day! If you’re getting married soon, I hope these styling ideas can give you some inspo on how you want to look on one of the most important days of your life!
What hijab bridal style speaks to you? How did you style your hijab on your big day? Let us know in the comments below!
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