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3 Step-by-Step Tutorials for No-Fuss Back-to-School Secure Hijab Styles!
Sep 2, 2021
Hakeemah Cummings
contributing writer
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HH Fashion Writer Hakeemah demonstrates her Jersey hijab style
Hakeemah Cummings
contributing writer
Whether you’re heading back to school, back into the office or back out in society, it’s important to have hijab styles that are securely-placed with no fuss. Just tossing your chiffon scarf loosely over your shoulder with no pins will not work that well in these settings, and even your trustiest jersey hijab may get messy after a full day of wear, depending on your styling. Especially if you or your loved one is headed back into a classroom, you will want a secure and stylish hijab style!
My biggest tip to keeping your hijab in place? PINS! These will definitely help your hijab stay in place for hours on end. So grab your favorite HH chiffon, jersey and woven, an HH No-Snag Hijab Magnet and some straight pins and follow along on my easy styling pictorial! I like some drape and chest-coverage with my hijab style, but you can also see here and here for more tucked-in styles as demonstrated by Melanie.
Start each of these pictorials by placing your hair in a comfortable bun at the center of the back of your head, and if needed, use a volumizing HH Scrunchie to create the perfect bun shape. Then, layer your favorite HH undercap over your hair and make sure all your hair is tucked in and your ears are comfortable, whether in or out of your undercap. I suggest the Silk-Blend Satin Undercap for zero oil transfer or the airy Barely There Undercap.

Style 1: Chiffon in 8 Steps (Try the Toffee Nut Latte Hijab for a similar look!)
Hakeemah demonstrates steps 1-4 here.
Step 1: (Do this pro-tip first: Fold your hijab lengthwise a few inches so that the folded edge shows around your face for a smooth finished look at the end.) Start with one end of your chiffon at about waist length. The other end will hang a bit longer. Secure the hijab under your chin with an HH magnet comfortably.
Step 2: Wrap the long side up and around the top of your head
Step 3: Secure the wrap on top of your head by weaving two straight pins through the layers of fabric
Step 4: Gather all of the fabric from the wrapped end of the scarf and hold near your shoulder
Hakeemah demonstrates steps 5-8 here.
Step 5: With your other hand, wrap the end of the scarf that was on your chest over the end that is gathered near your shoulder. This secures that end and prevents it from flapping in the wind!
Step 6: Continue to wrap around your neck until that shorter end has come around the other side of your neck
Step 7: Tuck that end neatly under your chin. Your strong HH magnet will keep it in place!
Step 8: Voila! A super secure chiffon hijab style that is doubled for opacity, pinned securely and also offers chest coverage!
Style 2: Jersey in 7 Steps (Featured Here: Cranberry Jersey)
Hakeemah demonstrates steps 1-4 here.
Step 1: Place your scarf on your head with one shorter side and one longer side. Fold a small amount of your jersey fabric in lengthwise to create a soft edge to frame your face.
Step 2: Secure with an HH magnet under your chin. Don’t pull your jersey too tight because the elastic rebound may separate your magnet! Now start to wrap the longer side around the back of your neck and around to your chest.
Step 3: All of the fabric should be laying on your chest now and both ends should be equal.
Step 4: Take the inner edges of each side and cross one over the next in a loose tie.
Hakeemah demonstrates steps 5-7 here.
Step 5: Continue to pull that tie up towards your neck on one side to create a beautiful drape. that also serves to secure those edges in place,
Step 6: Flip one end gracefully over your shoulder and if need be, secure with a snagless pin or another HH magnet.
Step 7: The finished product! Your favorite jersey hijab style – with a twist!
Style 3: Bamboo Maxi Woven in 5 Steps (Featured Here: Chestnut)
Hakeemah demonstrates steps steps 1-5 here.
This style was achieved with a maxi size Bamboo Woven for maximum drape, however you can also try and attempt it with a standard size.
Step 1: Place your woven hijab on your head with both sides even length. Secure the hijab edge to the back of your head with a magnet or snag-free pin
Step 2: Fold the back edge up and over your head and place it on top of your head. This gives the illusion that you are wearing a matching underscarf and hijab! Secure this layer with 2 straight pins on either side of your head by weaving through the layers of fabric.
Steps 3: Drape each edge to the opposite shoulder and secure to your clothing with a magnet, a straight pin, or a snag-free pin to secure.
Step 4: (pro tip): Securing shoulder pins to your bra strap is a sure-fire way to be sure the fabric won’t move!
Step 5: You’re done! What a lovely way to wear your Bamboo Wovens securely!
What are your favorite secure hijab styles? Share with us in the comments below!
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