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25 Life Lessons & Words of Wisdom From Our Mothers
Jun 11, 2021
Dilshad Ali
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Image source: Mihai Surdu on Unsplash
Dilshad Ali
Your mother, your mother, your mother. And then your father - so the hadith goes that so many of us learned in regards to honoring our mothers:
Abu Huraira reported that a person came to Allah's (S) Messenger (saw) and said: “Who among the people is most deserving of a fine treatment from my hand?” He said: “Your mother.” He again said: “Then who (is the next one)?” He said: “Again it is your mother (who deserves the best treatment from you).” He said: “Then who (is the next one)?” He (the Holy Prophet) said: “Again, it is your mother.” He (again) said: “Then who?” Thereupon he said: “Then it is your father.” [Sahih Muslim, Book 32:6180]
What wisdom has your Mamma imparted upon you? (Here's what Melanie had to say to her mom and about her mom recently on IG!) Our mothers say so much to us over the course of our lifetime, but some things really stick with us and become lessons we carry throughout our own lives. After our guest contributor Bibi Watts shared her own 9 lessons she learned from her Ummi, we put the question out to all of you via Instagram: What wisdom do you carry from your mother? Out of the many answers we received, here are 25 gems from your collective mammas that we hope will benefit all of us!
1. When it doubt, make tahajjud.
2. Give, give and give. Allah (S) will always give back to you
3. Reach for the stars but maintain your humility and always check your niyyah (intentions).
4. True listening is the kindest act of selflessness.
5. Don’t speak ill of other people’s struggles. You never know what struggles await you.
6. No one will give it to you if you don’t at least ask for it.
7. It’s never too late to return to Allah (S).
8. Always have a big heart, give and share without giving it a second thought.
9. Doing good deeds is not for me or for anyone else. It’s for the sake of Allah (S).
10. Anything happens, good or bad, say Alhamdullilah.
Melanie and her mom in the way way back!
11. Set boundaries with toxic people in your life and never let anyone take advantage of you.
12. Search for God in everything. He will guide and protect you always.
13. Don’t worry about what people say as long as you are not displeasing Allah (S).
14. You need to believe it before you can expect anyone else to. And usually, you believing is enough!
15. [Give in] charity. Even if you have a few pennies and you spend them for Allah (S), He will multiply them.
16. Believe and love yourself and always put your faith in Allah (S), not the people around you.
17. You never lose anything when you do good for someone else. In fact you increase barakah (blessings) in your life.
18. Never think you know enough. Always be ready to learn from anyone.
19. Always take the high road. When you play with dirt, you’re going to get dirty.
20. Sabr [patience] will give you everything. Don’t cry to anyone but Allah (S). Welcome and treat guests like they’re angels.
21. Salah (prayer) is the key to success.
22. Think before you speak. Pray before you take any action.
23. Allow yourself to heal, and let Allah (S) pour His love into your life.
24. Let love lead, never hold grudges and always be grateful to Allah (S).
25. Know your own worth.
What lessons or words of wisdom have you learned from your mamma? Share with us in the comments below!
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