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10 Hijabi Influencers to Look Out For in 2019
Jan 30, 2019
Mona Mostafa
staff writer
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Mona Mostafa
staff writer
There are so many hijabi influencers making their mark in social media. Whether you enjoy following them for modest fashion inspiration, because you love seeing other hijabis doing big things, or because they help you gain confidence in how you wear hijab and live your best life -- hijabi and modest fashion influencers are a mainstay of the social media scene. We couldn't even scratch the surface with all the amazing and up-and-coming influencers on Instagram right now, so we'll start with 10. Here's just the beginning of a potentially very long list of influential modest Muslim women doing great things!
1. Saudah Saleem (@saudahsaleeminteriors)
It's always a breath of fresh air to see a page that's creative in more ways than one! Saudah is incredible in her sense of fashion and in how she designs homes. She's an interior designer, a mom of five (masha'Allah) and has an amazing sense of hijabi fashion -- we can only aspire to be like her! We love seeing her photos for fashion and home decor inspiration. Her incredible work has been featured on HGTV, Home Good's Pinterest Happy by Design and Best of Houzz 2014, just to name a few! She says (on her website) that she is "greatly influenced by her love of fashion, culture, art, and history," and that she "loves using pattern, unexpected color combinations and a mix of both elegant and eclectic design elements to create an aesthetic that is both sophisticated yet approachable." Her personal style is just the same! 
2. Hakeemah (@hakeemahcmb)
Have you ever been getting ready for an event, not knowing what to wear and wishing you had a personal modest stylist to help you out?! Did you know that that was actually a THING?! Styling yourself modestly can be hard, but Hakeemah makes it all easier! From personal, to bridal, to photoshoot styling, she does it all! We love seeing her latest ensembles on Insta, and we encourage you to take a look as well. Through her website, you can book your own full-service modest styling service, and get all the help you need!
3. Sana Ishaq (@caramelchemist)
Sana Ishaq is both beauty and brains! As a scientist, who studied chemistry, and a blogger on the side, her photos are breathtaking, and her fashion is inspiring! Between food recipes (that she shares on YouTube) and fun getaways, she gives us an inside look into her life -- the pretty and the funny! Thanks for all the joy you bring us, Sana!
4. Fatima (@fatima.b.ibrahim)
If you follow Fatima, you can always depend on seeing beautiful photos on your feed! From gorgeous flat lays of food and lattes in different cafes to charming pink-themed outfits and inspiring Islamic quotes, her page is a joy for the eyes and the soul. I may be biased, as pink is my favorite color, but I can never get enough of Fatima's pink-inspired page!
5. Lauleh (@adayinthelalz)
We love when influencers instantly bring a smile to our face, and Lauleh's smile is contagious, masha'Allah! Being a travel and style blogger, we always look forward to seeing her outfits and beautifully styled photos! Not only is her page lovely, but her website is on another level!! From showing us season-themed outfits to photos from her different trips around the world, we can't get enough!
6. Marwa "Meme" Biltagi (@mademoisellememe)
7. Okay, now let's talk about Meme. She is the definition of sophistication and class. She refers to herself on her page as a muse and a tastemaker, and she is not wrong! Her poise and confidence are infectious, and she makes hijabi fashion look like a breeze! From featuring her cute pup to a myriad of gorgeous outfits, she's not afraid to take style risks and proves that modest fashion has infinite possibilities! 
7. Aysha Harun (@ayshaharun)
Can you say Queen?! We are OBSESSED with Aysha Harun!! Her style, poise and grace gives us life, masha'Allah!! Both a vlogger and a blogger, Aysha highlights how beautiful and modest fashion can be in all temperatures and on all vacations! We love seeing how she styles her outfits, whether she's dressing up or staying comfy. She shows us one can rock jeans and a simple shirt and look so stylish doing it!
8. Dr. Noor (@eyegirlmd)
What do we not love about Dr. Noor? She is an eye surgeon, a board-certified ophthalmologist, wife, mother of three and a blogger with a goal of empowering women every day, masha'Allah! All women are superheroes in their own way, but Dr. Noor takes it to the next level and documents it through her camera! More power to you, doctor!
9. Shah Hatun (@shahhatun)
Oh Shah, what a STUNNER masha'Allah! She is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Hijab In Style magazine! From epic style to endless taste, all of her Insta photos are a breath of fresh air! It's no surprise that her new magazine is also as gorgeous as can be! Having just launched it a few months ago, Shah lays out wonderful photos and influencer features in a beautiful way. We just got a copy of her magazine, and we LOVE every page of it!
10. Dr. Aisha Sindhu (@draishasindhu)
Last but never-ever least is Dr. Aisha Sindhu -- a radiologist sharing her love for modest fashion and healthcare through her Instagram photos! With each post, she reflects on major milestones throughout her journey, whether it be her wedding anniversary, finishing up her residency or voting for the first time in person. She also posts fashion tips along the way! Her influencer star is certainly rising, and we love seeing that glowing face on our feed, masha'Allah!
Who did we miss? We know there are so many wonderful ladies out there to follow. Comment below!
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