Your Formula for 4 Great Fall Fits – Autumn-Oriented Prints + A Great Fall Capsule Wardrobe
Oct 26, 2022
Danah Shuli sporting the HH Midnight Essence hijab.
Do you have any sort of system in place when it comes to your wardrobe and hijabs? Maybe you group your clothing by type? Maybe you switch out your summer and winter wardrobe? Maybe it’s color coded? Or, maybe it’s just one big giant mess? I’ve been working to create a seasonal hijab and clothing capsule for the past few years to help me make the most out of my current clothing collection, filter out what I no longer need, and pinpoint what I need to purchase.
This way of organizing your clothes and hijabs can be almost revolutionary in helping to save time when picking out outfits, money when shopping for new items, and space in my closet. I have learned to use staple seasonal pieces that are versatile and can be styled in various ways and only buy items that will complement my existing collection. I implemented this organizational method in previously in creating a travel-friendly summer hijab capsule, and it was a game changer.
Now that sweater weather is upon us, it’s time to reshuffle my hijabs and bring out the fall favorites. So, I reached out to my childhood friend and fashion consultant, Lamia Ashour, for some modest fashion tips and advice on how to pair my current fall pieces together in a way that would complement each other and incorporate fall hijab prints I have in my collection.
As a mom of two young kids, my style has evolved over the years and has recently become stuck in an athleisure rut. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I am always trying to find ways in which to make my “momiform” both stylish and functional. And so, I wanted to embrace my favorite time of year with a wardrobe refresh and change up my go-to mom style.
Reaching out to your sisters or a good friend is a great way to swap ideas and curate looks together while also finding inspiration from each other’s closets. If you both are the same size, it’s a win-win! You can borrow and trade items to create new looks with pieces you wouldn’t normally own or buy yourself.
So let’s talk about what it takes to put together a great fall clothing and hijab capsule collection!
1. A Subtle Animal Print + Denim Jacket
With these two essential fall pieces, you can build the rest of your fits around them depending on your likes and your moods.
When done right, a good animal print can offer just the right amount of drama to your look without looking too overpowering (or outdated - Did anyone else go crazy with their 200 animal hijab prints?). While browsing the current Haute Hijab chiffon prints, I was immediately drawn to the Royal Rosettes Hijab. I love this one for its subtle leopard print that isn’t too loud but gives just the right amount of chic to go with any outfit.
“For a put-together daytime look [in the fall], a good jean jacket is essential. I love anything oversized, and luckily this is on trend,” says Lamia. We paired this denim jacket with a maxi faux leather skirt that screams fall time and a basic cotton full sleeve layering shirt underneath. “You can always add more character to your look and pop of color with your accessories,” Lamia advises. We decided to add a beautiful emerald green faux leather crossbody for a functional on-the-go ensemble.
If you want to transition from a day-time look to one for an evening night out while keeping the same hijab, a few adjustments are all you need. Staying on theme for the season and keeping fall colors as our main palette, we decided to play around with a green maxi dress. The ruffles give off a feminine, playful vibe. Because this dress has buttons, it makes it an even more versatile piece in terms of the ways in which you can style the dress. We decided to keep it unbuttoned with straight leg black pants underneath. To top off the look with extra flare, we added a black winter fedora.
2. A Neutral Fall-Themed Print + an Open Cardigan or a Tweed Blazer
I love the concept of a neutral print; check out my summer travels packing post to see what I mean by a neutral print. Make sure to include a neutral print in your fall capsule wardrobe. My current favorite for the autumn season is the Tuscan Biscotti Hijab. “Mixing prints is always a fun way to add dimension to your look, but it needs to be done right,” says Lamia. Pairing a classic print on a garment like plaid, with a neutral print hijab is the perfect combination.“
I love this look because it is one that I’ve actually worn over the years but with a different print each fall and winter season. The way the soft blush of the Tuscan Biscotti hijab matches perfectly with the crossbody ties an outfit all together. I also like how the big print of the cardigan and the delicate leaf print of the hijab gives off a touch of fall in the most graceful way.
I also love the look of a good wide leg jean. It’s fashionable, modest and offers a lot of options when styling. This is the perfect playdate outfit where you’d like to look put together but also stay functional.
Keeping with the theme of a wardrobe capsule, let’s take this look to work with a good classic fall tweed blazer. When Lamia pulled out her chestnut tweed blazer, I fell in love! The way the color of the blazer and jeans popped but complemented each other screamed autumn vibes. The bold color and gold hardware of the blazer is the main attraction in this ensemble, so the Tuscan Biscotti hijab pairs perfectly for a gentle touch of print. Tucking it into a collared button up gives the right amount of sophistication for a casual work or day time meeting outfit.
3. An Abstract Print + a Maxi (Sweater) Dress
Similar to a neutral print, having a good abstract print that is not too busy or colorful is a staple fall hijab for your wardrobe. For this category, my top pick is the Midnight Essence Hijab. The deep olive green hue is perfect for this time of year, and the abstract print is the perfect medium between bold and subtle.
“The idea of a maxi sweater dress is great because it keeps you warm, fully covered and stylish all at the same time,” says Lamia. Sometimes sweater dresses can highlight our figure, in which case your handy oversized jean jacket is the perfect addition to cover up without giving up your dress.
This is hands down my favorite look that just screams “mom with style!” This outfit has my name written all over it and I can not wait to rock it to story time or the park.
Switching hats from mom to wife, this second ensemble is the perfect transformation while keeping your abstract hijab constant. Revisit your button up dress, add a bold belt, a statement necklace, and you’ve got yourself the perfect date night outfit with the husband.
4. The Perfect Autumn Floral Print + Key Accessories
“You need at least one staple floral print for each season, and fall time is no exception,” says Lamia. When I saw the Autumn Spice Hijab on Instagram, I knew I had to get my hands on it. The colors are warm, it gives off a cozy feel, and I love how vibrant the golden tones are. This is the perfect fall floral print!
You really can’t go wrong with this hijab. The colors are perfect for the season and neutral enough to pair with pretty much all of the ensembles mentioned in this post. For our first look, Lamia and I decided to use the maxi sweater dress and blazer for a classic work outfit.
If you have a special occasion, a friend’s birthday dinner or night out, then you can wear a collared button up and maxi leather skirt for a flirty look. Since both clothing pieces are solid, the pop of floral print pairs perfectly. Feeling a little extra? Take it up a notch and add a neutral beret for an effortless French chic look!
“Don't underestimate the power of accessories. A statement or long necklace, a pop of color that comes from your bag, or a cozy hat, Lamia says. Think of your outfit in three parts: Your staple pieces make up your capsule wardrobe, your hijab sets the tone of the look, and your accessories add flavor.”
I hope this post has inspired you to rethink your current wardrobe and HH prints! I know it has for me. The possibilities are endless once you take the time to analyze your pieces and their functionality.
Be sure to tag #HHSpottedClub in all of your favorite fall prints and hijabs, we love to see you rocking them!
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