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From the Editor's Desk – Fall Fashion, a Workout Challenge & Voter Drives in October
Oct 1, 2020
Dilshad Ali
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Image source: Wisconsin Muslim Journal
Dilshad Ali
As salaamu alaikum and hello everyone!
I can’t believe it’s the beginning of October, and in my home two-out-of-three of my kids have a month of hardcore virtual learning under their belt. (My eldest autistic son has been limping along with virtual learning for several months now – that’s a WHOLE other story.) I’ve been watching and reading about the struggles and wins with virtual learning, about schools that are open for in-person learning, hybrid models and schools where COVID-19 cases are being reported.
I wish I had a better word to use than unprecedented, which has been said to death. But to me, this is kind of like the Wild, Wild West of pandemic education. I have so much respect for teachers and administrators putting in exhaustive hours to try and make this work, and mad respect for students who are engaging in learning to the best of their abilities as well as families trying to make this all work. And, so much heartache for students whose lives make virtually learning an impossibility. There are no right answers here, and everyone’s personal experience (as well as health data) feeds their heartfelt opinions on this.
There are three of us on the Haute Hijab team managing our work from home while our kiddos virtually learn in school – Noor, our marketing manager whose eldest started kindergarten (Can you imagine? It’s so hard on these little ones and their parents. All the Masha’Allahs to this age group.); Sandy in CX, whose eldest is in third grade; and me, with a high school senior, a seventh grader and my eldest.
Here I am pre-COVID times in Hyderabad, India wearing our Woven in Oxblood. Check out our new Bamboo Wovens here.
While all this has been unfolding in our homes (and in many of your homes too), work at HH has been it’s busiest, as I’m sure you all know! Our long-awaited Haute Hijab Sport collection of hijabs dropped! We worked so hard for nearly two years to bring you HH Sport (read the behind-the-scenes story here) and launched it with our “Can’t Ban Us” campaign, highlighting stellar Muslim women athletes (their stories are all over the blog) fighting against hijab bans and breaking barriers in their area of sport and fitness.
We are continuing this work throughout October and beyond in a few ways. If you have stories of bans and discrimination to share, please let us know via this form. Later this month we have a 10-day workout challenge coming to you via our social media platforms, where you can “get fit” from the comfort of your own homes with five minute workouts. And, you may want to start choosing your favorite Haute Hijab Sport hijabs, because a winner (chosen at random) will receive three of her choice!.
There are a couple of other exciting things happening at HH product-wise! You may have noticed that our new (more sustainable) Bamboo Wovens are finally back with some beautiful colors! I’ll have some great articles coming out this month about beautiful fall styling with wovens from our fashion writer, Rowayda. Also, after YEARS, we are finally launching some brand new, gorgeous colors in our Jersey hijabs! So be on the lookout for that to stock up on the cozy for fall and winter!
On the blog, in addition to the fun fall fashion posts I mentioned, we will be sharing stories from breast cancer survivors and what it feels like to get a mammogram, stories from domestic violence survivors, and we will be talking more about the upcoming presidential election, which is less than two months away.
Many Muslim women ran for election (or are currently running) in the past four years, and we’ll bring you some of their stories. Also, look out for a story on voter drives happening through various Muslim organizations around the country. Our votes are needed, and while many may feel like there is no good choice, we MUST vote for the opponent, as Linda Sarsour says, that we want in the White House – the person who we can try to convince to do better things for our communities and this country. (Pssst – that person is not Trump, in my opinion.)
We hope you’re registered and have your voting plan in place. Have a great month! May we all be good, make good choices and say Bismillah-hir-rahman-nir-raheem.
Editorially yours, Dilshad
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